By Tyler Aquilina
December 17, 2020 at 03:47 PM EST

We know it can be tough to pick out the TV worth watching these days, with a seemingly bottomless well of options on a seemingly endless list of platforms. That's why EW's What to Watch brings you a daily guide to the shows that should be on your radar, along with our podcast Watch This for a quick rundown of our top picks. But soon, that podcast will look — or rather, sound — a little different.

In January, EW is launching a new and improved version of Watch This called What to Watch, expanding our daily audio coverage to include more news and recommendations. You can listen to a trailer for the new podcast below:

Launching Jan. 4, the new What to Watch podcast will continue to bring you our daily picks to help solve your TV dilemmas. (EW's Gerrad Hall will also continue to host.) But the episodes will also include the biggest entertainment news headlines of the day, celebrity interviews, and check-ins with EW's staff about what they're watching, along with other new segments we're sure you'll enjoy.

Be on the lookout for What to Watch in the Watch This feed this January wherever you get your podcasts.

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