The wrestling legend's murderous super-antihero gets his own spin-off series.

Wrestling legend John Cena reprises his role from last year's The Suicide Squad movie of the murderous Peacemaker in this superhero show from director James Gunn. "I loved the 1970s Captain America [TV movie] when I was a kid," says Gunn, "I thought making a really f---ed-up version of that with Peacemaker would be fun." 

The show's supporting cast includes Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, Danielle Brooks, and Steve Agee, who plays a tech expert working for the black ops organization that recruits Cena's anti-hero. "I've made a decent living being the guy who walks in at the very end of the scene and has a funny line or a mouthful of food and then the scene ends," says Agee, whose character John Economos is another holdover from The Suicide Squad. "This is my first time being a guy who actually goes out and shoots guns and beats people up and kills people. It was a dream come true." 

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