It's a big week for TV, with several highly-anticipated debuts and series returns. If you're unsure of what to check out, EW has you covered with the latest in our What to Watch video series.

The EW staff's first pick this week is Outer Banks, which returned for its second season on Netflix July 30. The hit series follows a group of North Carolina friends known as the Pogues, who are on the hunt for some missing treasure. The adventure continues in season 2, but this time, Pogues and Co. take the action from the OBX to the Bahamas. "On the treasure hunt side of things, season 2 really does up the ante, and it's a really fun adrenaline ride from start to finish," digital writer Sydney Bucksbaum explains, adding that the romance aspect does take a bit of a backseat, but that should be temporary. "I did talk with the showrunners and they promised that they were going big on teen romance in season 3," she says. Bucksbaum also teases some exciting new villains and characters this time around, and more on what fans can expect next season.

1-2-3, eyes on me! Next up is Mr. Corman, Apple TV+'s new show written and directed by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a kind and sensitive schoolteacher who spends his after-work hours worrying about his faltering relationships, mourning his withered artistic ambitions, and warding off intrusive thoughts of doom. Digital writer Tyler Aquilina says that all of those elements work together pretty cohesively. "I think those dramatic elements are very much a part of the texture and the point of the show. When I talked to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he really talked about how much he wanted this show to feel like real life in spite of these bursts of surreality," he says. Viewers can expect animated sequences and musical numbers galore from the show, which is now streaming.

The EW staffers also talk about Reservation Dogs, which hits FX on Hulu on Aug. 9. From the minds of Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo, the series follows four indigenous teens in Oklahoma who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their way to California. For more on that, as well as Outer Banks season 2 and Mr. Corman, check out the What to Watch video above.

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