Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, and Angela Sarafyan assemble for EW's Around the Table series to discuss what the heck is going on here.

Westworld (TV series)

In typical Westworld fashion, the creators haven't given us much intel about season 4, which premieres Sunday on HBO and HBO Max. The synopsis itself isn't even much of a description: "a dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on earth." Fortunately, the cast assembled to decode at least some of the jigsaw pieces of the show's latest puzzle.

Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, and Angela Sarafyan recently joined James Marsden, who makes a surprise return, to discuss the new season and their places in it for EW's Around the Table video series.

Sarafyan kicks off with some information about the whereabouts of Clementine. She's been in Mexico for seven years, which is the length of the time jump from the end of season 3 to the beginning of season 4.

She's been "living a very peaceful life, an idyllic life," says the actress, adding, "You see in a lot of ways that the hosts are not innately bad through her — that you see there is kindness. She can also meld with humanity." Of course, because this is Westworld, Sarafyan notes that "things turn very quickly."

Ed Harris on 'Westworld'
Ed Harris stars as William (or robo-William) in 'Westworld' season 4.
| Credit: Courtesy of HBO

Thompson admits she's still wrapping her brain around her character. She started off the show as Charlotte Hale, a Delos executive, but then she died and was replaced by a robot that looked like Hale but had a copy of Dolores' machine brain inside her. Thompson defers to Wood on who she plays now in season 4, but she's basically more like "Hale with the processing power of Dolores" — "which is terrifying," she adds.

"We find her just trying to do some things," a cryptic Thompson says. "She has a game plan. She has some friends, cohorts — particularly in MIB [the Man in Black], Ed Harris. We're coming to shake things up. That's my very vague answer, but she's alive and kicking, some version of Hale."

Wood discusses what it's like playing a "completely different character": Christina, a writer trying to make it in a city that looks like New York. She lives with a roommate, played by West Side Story's Ariana DeBose. She's also dating, which is where Marsden comes in. Teddy offed himself back in season 2, but now the actor is back as someone who looks like Teddy. But Marsden wouldn't say a whole lot more than that.

As for Bernard? Wright says we'll find out what he's been up to after uploading himself into the Sublime at the end of season 3. "We find out what he's found and how he uses it going forward," the actor teases.

Watch our full Around the Table chat in the video above, in which the stars also talk about how the show has changed their own relationships with technology and social media.

Westworld season 4 premieres Sunday, June 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Max.

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