Middle America is about to get a top-notch dose of drag eleganza.

Shangela, Eureka, and Bob the Drag Queen are a queer superhero trio with powers to rival any squad Marvel could assemble in the first full-length trailer for HBO's upcoming docuseries We're Here.

The series follows the drag entertainers — who rose to prominence over the years across separate seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race — as they visit five towns throughout the nation, bringing their fabulous makeover skills to the hearts, minds, and body (okay, ody-odies) of small-town folks from Gettysburg to Branson.

In the preview, the queens travel over state lines in vehicles modeled after their personalities (does it get any better than the mother of "purse first" herself rolling around in a yellow bag on wheels?) by production designer Marla Weinhoff, who previously worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. As they arrive in each new destination, they each take a local resident under their wing and guide them through issues of homophobia, trans acceptance, and racism while also providing them with the tools to generally be the baddest bitch in the room.

Credit: Christopher Smith/HBO

"I’m not a big crier, but I cried," Shangela — who also serves as a consulting producer alongside Eureka and Bob — recently told EW of working on the series, the title for which serves as a play on words announcing the arrival of its fabulous leads, but also as a proclamation of existence for queer people living in small-town America. "This show is something powerful and moving, it’s emotional, and it also has that surprise production element that we were producing a one-night-only show in places that have hardly ever had them, to showcase that there’s this queer community [already there that] they didn’t even know existed."

We're Here debuts April 23 on HBO. Watch the full trailer above.

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