Rivers Cuomo and Pete Wentz

There's a tiny little awards show called the Emmys happening Sunday, but maybe the most fun competition of the night is the Weezer vs. Fall Out Boy face-off on Celebrity Family Feud. 

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo led his team, while Pete Wentz led his unit (which also included Seth Green, for some reason). Ahead of the game, Fall Out Boy announced they would be playing for the FOB Fund, an organization that raises money for gardening, food education, among other resources in Chicago.

The shots from the episode so far make the battle seem like a rocking good time, with answers like "turd" and "mouse/rat" on the board (apparently the question was regarding gross no-nos at restaurants).

Many fans had no idea two of their favorite bands from the 2000s would be competing, but they didn't seem to mind at all.

"There's currently a Weezer vs. Fall Out Boy episode of Celebrity Family Feud airing before the Emmys and now I won't know peace until we get Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and Steve Harvey into a room together," one fan tweeted.

"Fall Out Boy is on Celebrity Family Feud and it's easing my pain of missing them on tour this year," another wrote.

The two bands were supposed to tour together with Green Day in June, but like many music events this year, those plans were canceled due to COVID-19.

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