After a whole category of Sting-related questions on Thursday's episode, the musician also provided his version of the show's iconic music.

Lots of celebrities have commandeered categories on Jeopardy, but not all of them are as multi-talented as Sting. The former frontman of The Police read clues on Thursday's episode from the category aptly called "Sting." But as if that weren't enough, the superstar musician also covered the show's iconic theme song and even added his own lyrics. 

"Of all the things in my CV, everything in life from A-Z, but how I wish my ma could see, here I am on Jeopardy," Sting sang cutely while strumming the notes of the show's iconic theme song on an acoustic guitar. 

Although Jeopardy is most popularly identified with its past host, the late Alex Trebek, the show was originally created by producer Merv Griffin. In a 2005 interview with the New York Times, Griffin said that he wrote the theme music in "less than a minute," but it has endured, and Sting's version gives it a soft, lullaby-like quality. 

Would you have been able to get points from the Sting category? Questions involved identifying which song features the lyrics "I'll be watching you," and the home country of Sting's 2019 collaborator Shaggy. 

Watch both videos above.

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