The comedian lived up to the title when he brought the house down on the NBC competition.

After a killer America's Got Talent audition that earned him serious buzz, comedian Josh Blue has his sights set on the ultimate prize. But this wasn't his first rodeo.

Blue, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, performed on NBC's Last Comic Standing back in 2006 and ended up winning the competition. He's also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he was the first stand-up comedian to perform on the show, as well as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Rounding out his creative pursuits, Blue competed as a member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team.

When Simon Cowell asked Blue why he decided to enter the show this year, his answer was simple and perfect.

"I think after the year we've had, I think the world is just ready for some laughter," he said. "I'm a laugh junkie!"

Blue proceeded to nail his routine, making fun of his own disability by joking about healing remedies and the way people treat him when he's out in public. (When telling a story about a waiter bypassing his order while he was out with friends and asking someone else what he wanted, he said his friend responded with, "a talk with your manager!" which then led Blue to proclaim, "free dinner!")

America's Got Talent
Josh Blue on America's Got Talent
| Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

Blue ended his 90-second audition by thanking the audience and saying it was "the best Make-A-Wish ever" before receiving a standing ovation from all four judges. Needless to say, Blue sailed straight through to the next round.

In a feature called "Artists with Cerebral Palsy" on, Blue talked about choosing to pursue comedy and living with his disability. "It's an incredible way to make a living but it can be hard because of the amount of time I'm away from home," he said. "Regarding having Cerebral Palsy, I know realistically that I can't go up there on stage and ignore it. But the feedback that I get after a minute or two has nothing to do with Cerebral Palsy."

Watch Blue's AGT audition below.

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