Some magical merch for a magical series.

By Nina Huang
March 08, 2021 at 11:30 AM EST
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Warning: This article contains spoilers about the series finale of WandaVision, "The Series Finale." 

Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlet Witch.

WandaVision's first season of era-hopping episodes ended last Friday with a reveal for the ages: Wanda Maximoff finally made it onto a Marvel Cinematic Universe screen in her full Scarlet Witch outfit. Long-teased (and long-expected after Disney acquired Fox), the Scarlet Witch defeated Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness and was forced to say goodbye to the Hex of sitcom bliss she had created. 

Paraphrasing Vision, we can expect to see Wanda again soon — more specifically in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where the questions we were left with in the finale (where's White Vision? Why does Wanda hear the erased Billy and Tommy?) will hopefully be answered. In the meantime, Disney has released a huge lineup of merchandise related to WandaVision to whet fans' appetites, and EW has your exclusive first look.

Disney releases new WandaVision merch — get your exclusive first-look
Credit: Disney

T-shirts, Funko Pops, makeup, and even a Scarlet Witch tiara are just some of the new Wandavision-themed items coming your way. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment in the finale was the second post-credits scene, where Wanda astral-projects herself as she studies the Darkhold and then hears her supposedly-gone children (cue foreboding music). The scene is immortalized by a Funko Pop where Wanda levitates and flips through the ancient book of spells. 

Fans can also get a glow-in-the-dark soda can Funko Pop of Wanda, plus Cosbabies of the White Vision, Vision, and Scarlet Witch alongside toy figurines of Wanda from Diamond Select toys and Hasbro. Even more, Disney has released a Scarlet Witch tiara that's bound to come in handy when Halloween rolls around, alongside themed t-shirts reminiscent of the Bewitched-inspired second episode.

You can find the full list of EW's exclusive first look above, as well as some product highlights below. And check out everything you'll want to know about WandaVision from our coverage here

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

Scarlet Witch Funko Pop

$9.99 at Amazon

Is she trying to learn all the spells in the Darkhold, or is the Darkhold taking over Wanda? That’s what you might be wondering after watching the season finale's second post-credits scene. Until we get more answers, we’ll have to settle for this Funko Pop that captures the most exciting idea of what’s to come for the MCU.

Buy it! Scarlet Witch Funko Pop, $10.99 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

Scarlet Witch Soda Funko Pop

$14.99 at Chalice Collectibles

Maybe not put this by your bedside at night, especially considering the many spooky elements of WandaVision

Buy it! Scarlet Witch Soda Funko Pop, $14 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

Scarlet Witch Hasbro Legends figurine

$19.99 at Walmart

"Thanks for the lesson," Wanda snipes at Agatha as she creates her own runes in the air to take down the ancient sorceress at the end of "The Series Finale." Replicate the climatic scene with Hasbro’s Legends figurine that includes Wanda’s red magic around her wrists, which is set to be launched in April on Walmart. 

Buy it! Scarlet Witch Hasbro Legends figurine, $19.99 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

Scarlet Witch Diamond Select figurine

$19.99 at Amazon

Maybe the most lifelike figurine we’ve seen yet, the Scarlet Witch Diamond Select figurine, set to be released in April, even includes the hood that Wanda puts on as her Hex fades away, and she leaves Westview once and (hopefully) for all. 

Buy it! Scarlet Witch Diamond Select figurine, $19.99 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

Vision Cosbaby

$19.99 at ShopDisney

Disney hasn’t released a whole lot of Vision merchandise, but this is one of the cutest we’ve seen. Just don’t try to reason the Ship of Theseus conundrum with it. 

Buy it! Vision Cosbaby, $19.99 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

WandaVision Makeup Kit

$TK at Ulta

With a face trio palette, assorted brushes, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eyeliner, lash kits, and more, Ulta’s exclusive WandaVision makeup kit is a magical collection for a magical series. It will be released on Sunday, March 14, with 11 products to choose from the collection. 

Buy it! WandaVision Makeup Kit, from $12 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

WandaVision 'Vision Wardrobe Changes' Vision Tee

$19.95 at ShopDisney

It only made sense that WandaVision would pay tribute to another iconic witchy show, and episode 2 was all about Bewitched. From the opening credits to the hilarious scene in bed, WandaVision brought us a hefty dose of TV magic straight from the '60s. 

Buy it! WandaVision "Vision Wardrobe Changes" Tee, $19.95 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

WandaVision 'Vision's Gum In The Works' Tee

$19.95 at ShopDisney

In maybe the funniest scene in the second episode of WandaVision, Vision gets “drunk” when a piece of gum is stuck in his gears, demonstrated in an animated sequence any Bewitched fan would love. Now, you can pretend to be the perhaps-more-human-than-we-thought robot with this tee. 

Buy it! WandaVision "Vision's Gum In The Works" Tee, $19.95 at

WandaVision merchandise
Credit: Disney

WandaVision 'Is This Really Happening' Tee

$24.99 at ShopDisney

"Is this really happening?" Wanda asked Vision at the end of episode 2 (alongside viewers) when our protagonist suddenly becomes pregnant. The scene then transforms into the colorful '70s set inspired by The Brady Bunch, with the moment when color seeps into WandaVision captured on this tee.  

Buy it! WandaVision "Is This Really Happening" Tee, $24.99 at

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