Warning: This article contains spoilers from WandaVision episode 7, "Breaking the Fourth Wall."

It was only a matter of time before the internet figured out how to get the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe bopping like the fans to the WandaVision song, "Agatha All Along."

Agatha All Along Avengers Mash up
Credit: Marvel Studios; Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

Almost a week after the revelatory seventh episode of WandaVision, it seems like Marvel might have a new theme song. "Agatha All Along," the little ditty by Robert Lopez and Kristin Anderson-Lopez, originally just ended the episode by finally revealing that nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) was really the witch Agatha Harkness in disguise and that she had been manipulating events from behind the scenes. But now that the song has become available for streaming on music platforms like Spotify, fans are taking "Agatha All Along" into their own hands.

The Twitter account for the Slayerfest 98 podcast posted a video mash-up on Tuesday that combined the song with footage of Marvel Cinematic Universe actors dancing. Most of the clips are pulled from blooper reels and set videos (as well as Spider-Man actor Tom Holland's beloved "Umbrella" lip sync) but they match surprisingly well with the Lopez tune.

Watch the Twitter video above, and stay tuned for EW's coverage of the newest WandaVision episode this Friday.

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