Co-creator Matt Negrete says season 2 will fill in the gaps on what happened to Jadis after she stepped onto that helicopter.

One of the biggest moments in the history of The Walking Dead occurred back in season 9 of the AMC mothership show when a half-dead Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was airlifted by a mysterious helicopter to Lord knows where. But he was not the only passenger on that chopper. Accompanying him was Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis/Anne, who called the CRM helicopter in to save Rick from dying.

The closest we have gotten to seeing either of the pair since then was when Michonne (Danai Gurira) discovered Rick's boots in a supply closet, sending her on a mission to go find her husband. But all that is about to change. As shown in the season 2 trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Jadis is set to make her long-awaited return.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond
Pollyanna McIntosh on 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond'
| Credit: AMC

At the end of the trailer, we saw a seemingly freshly shorn Jadis standing in uniform in a Civic Republic supply tent, voicing some sort of CRM mantra, "I know that the Civic Republic is the last light of the world, and my purpose is to create a new era on this planet."

Say what? We asked World Beyond co-creator Matt Negrete what we should make of this dramatic reemergence of one the franchise's most enigmatic characters.

"In the trailer, when we reveal that Jadis is indeed going to be a part of this show, there's some dialogue that accompanies that visual," he says. "She's talking about how much she believes in the CRM. She sees it as the last light of the world. We don't know if that's a put-on or if that's real, but that's what she's saying nonetheless."

Negrete notes that just as important as what Jadis is saying is what she is dressed in. "She's wearing that CRM uniform," he says. "And it's also got a very interesting, decorative rope to it that we haven't seen on a CRM uniform before. So it's possible she's a different part of the CRM, and we might be revealing more about that."

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Extended Trailer | Premieres Oct 3 on AMC
Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis in 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' season 2
| Credit: AMC

Could Jadis be part of some elite division of the Civic Republic Military? The fancy-schmancy adornment on her uniform would seem to suggest something along those lines. But as we find out what Jadis (or is she still Anne?) is up to now, Negrete teases that the show will also be filling in the gaps as to what she is has been through in the missing years since she stepped onto that helicopter.

"Six years have gone by," says Negrete, "and we're not going to ignore those six years that passed in between her leaving that show and coming onto this show. She will be talking a bit about what happened to her after she climbed on that helicopter with Rick. And I do think, from a Walking Dead fan perspective, that's going to be very intriguing for a lot of people watching."

Beyond digging into Jadi's past, Negrete is excited to delve back into a character he first wrote for on the original Walking Dead series. "It's been amazing having her on the show. Because Jadis, to me, has always been such an interesting character. She's very ambitious. And she's a survivor. And she'll do, basically, whatever she has to and become whoever she has to become to survive."

He adds, "We saw that on Walking Dead when she became the leader of this group that lived in this trash heap. And now we're seeing a very different iteration of Jadis, where she's got some new objectives, some new goals. In a lot of ways she's the same old Jadis, but we're going to be seeing some new sides of her that I'm excited for everyone to check out."

And check her out we shall at some point after the second and final season of the Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres Sunday, Oct. 3, on AMC.

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