By Dalton Ross
March 27, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT
The Walking Dead
Credit: AMC

“Took you long enough.”

Those were Carol’s words to Negan after he presented her with the decapitated, zombified head of her enemy, Alpha, on The Walking Dead. But what did those words mean? And how involved was Carol with Negan’s escape from Alexandria and his actions against the Whisperers leader? We now have our answer.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the first few minutes of Sunday’s upcoming Walking Dead episode, “Look at the Flowers,” we see the original meeting that led to an unlikely deal between unlikely allies. The scene begins with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sitting in his cell waiting to learn if the council will vote to put him to death for accidentally killing one of Lydia’s attackers, and then a visitor pops by. After Negan tells Carol (Melissa McBride) about his last meal wishes (“T-bone, beer, maybe a scoop of rocky road”), she responds with a question: “What if you didn’t have to die?”

Carol then asks Negan if he wants to take out Alpha (Samantha) for her — a question that leads to a surprisingly compassionate answer from the Alexandrian prisoner: “Word has it you are a certified badass, but you missed your shot. What happens if I muff it too? It could make things a hell of a lot worse for every man, woman, and child behind these walls. And despite what people may think of me, I am absolutely not down with that.”

But then Carol presents the upside, noting that Negan is waiting and waiting and waiting for everyone to forgive him what he did to them as leader of the Saviors, something which Carol points out will never happen, “Not unless you do something to make them forget. So bring me Alpha’s head, and that’s what people will remember you for. I’ll make sure of it.”

After promising Negan that she’ll do that for him “if you do it fast,” we cut to the present and Carol putting Alpha’s bead on a pike. So there it is! Mystery solved! However, there are many more questions to be answered. Questions like: What will the others make of Negan’s move? And how will Beta react? We’ll start to find out once the ominously titled “Look at the Flowers” unspools Sunday night. In the meantime, watch the flashback above while you ponder whether a new alliance has indeed been forged.

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