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As the first season of Walker approaches its big finale, the titular Texas Ranger (played by Jared Padalecki) is face-to-face with his wife's killer, and what he decides to do next will affect everyone he loves. Ahead of the big episode, EW spoke with star Lindsey Morgan about Micki's season-long journey and how she'll react to Walker's current predicament.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you feel has been the biggest evolution in Micki over the season?

LINDSEY MORGAN: I really feel like you saw Micki learn to trust — not only the people in her life, but you also saw her learn to trust herself. She started the season very guarded and a bit jaded about law enforcement, and through the season you see her constantly getting surprised by these new people in her life, whether it be Walker or Captain James [Coby Bell], who not only support her but believe in her. In her love life, she and Trey [Jeff Pierre] have been hooking up for years but it was never anything serious, and it really was Micki who kept that at bay. I think she did that because she didn't trust love. But she's been able to let her walls down. Same with Walker, he really holds space for her. Through that she realizes, I don't have to do everything by the book. She has a lot more aspects of Walker inside of her than she even realized. She was living so strait-laced, I think because she felt like she had a target on her back as a woman and a woman of color in this very Caucasian and masculine space that the moment she stepped a toe out of line, she thought she was going to be punished. But she's learning that it's a supportive space, and through her work there she can elicit change. But she has to trust herself.

I feel like we've been watching her slowly exhale.

Yes, like let her hair down! Let it out of the bun. I completely agree. And there's subtle things we'll do too, like her uniform's not always done perfectly, and that would change over the season. You got to see her relax. She's really finding her groove.

Lindsey Morgan and Odette Annable on 'Walker'
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What's it been like for you to get to play out her work-life struggle?

I found that so fascinating. We have so many women in law enforcement, and I feel like we don't really see their journeys mixed with work and home. The thing we see in mainstream media is mainly work. We don't see their home life and we don't see how that job and how that duty affects their relationships. I love that we get to explore that, and I love that she's at an age of really navigating the future. Is that children? Is that family? Is that a home? What does that mean for my career? It's no longer just about me anymore, so how do I plant those seeds for the next chapter?

At this point, do you feel like she trusts Walker completely?

One hundred percent. I think she had this really interesting moment when she first learned that her mother wasn't her real mother and instead of calling Trey, she called Walker. Walker has consistently shown up for her. Even though she's highly resistant to this friendship at first, he's persistent, and that means a lot to her even though she doesn't say it. I love that they're able to be honest with each other and there's respect and trust in a very platonic way. There isn't a pressure of romance at all, and I love that they can go to each other for perspective. It's a really special bond, and I love that it's not romantic. It's really unique.

She has a bit of an outsider perspective in that she didn't know Emily [Genevieve Padalecki] but she's now so involved with the Walker family, so how does she feel about Walker taking Stan?

For her, Walker and the Walker family are family. She didn't know Emily, she wasn't quite involved in this case, but she's immersed in it now and you see Micki grapple with: Do I do it by the book or do I do it by my heart? Walker taught her to do it by her heart first, and Walker and his family are very much a part of her now. She trusts that he's not wrong and if he's going to go to such extreme lengths, there has to be a reason. At this point she'd go the distance for her partner. There's so much love for that family. She'll do anything to protect them.

Looking forward to season 2, is there an aspect of Micki or her life you'd like to explore a bit more?

I feel like in season 1 you got to see Micki as a beginner. She was trying a lot of different things. I feel like she's found her groove and been able to trust herself and feel good in her skin, so now I just want to see Micki kick ass. No more fear! I want to see what she can do, I want to push those boundaries a bit.

Walker airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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