Showrunner Anna Fricke tells EW what fans can expect from the rest of season 2.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the midseason premiere of Walker season 2.

Before its mid-season hiatus, Walker said goodbye to one of its staples when Micki (Lindsey Morgan) decided to leave the Rangers behind and head back home to figure out what's best for her. That means Trey (Jeff Pierre), Walker (Jared Padalecki), and Captain James (Coby Bell) now have to figure out what their lives look like without Micki. And things are only going to get more complicated when the first episode back sees Captain James get shot.

EW spoke with showrunner Anna Fricke about what to expect from the rest of season 2.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I'm not sure I've recovered from Micki's goodbye scene with James and Walker.

ANNA FRICKE: Same. Well, first of all, I love and respect Lindsey Morgan so much. I think this has been broadcasted, but I obviously support and respect her journey for self care and mental care, so I just could not feel more positive about Lindsey. I will say that last scene was not in the original script. It was so emotional and beautiful. It was like closing night of your most emotional high school play, if that makes sense. Because the whole cast came and the whole crew. Yeah, that scene destroyed me as well, even just being there for it behind the monitors.

With that in mind, my first question now that we're moving forward is how is Walker doing? Micki was such a crucial part of his healing journey in season 1. How is he dealing without her?

He's definitely lost. He's feeling the lack of Micki. As you said, she is the one who really pulled him out of the darkness and set him on the road to reform. Also, not only reform as a ranger, but she also was the voice in his head that was like, "Hey, pay attention to your kids. Go home, be a good person." She was the angel on his shoulder.

We're finding him in season 2 as someone who is now in the position where he's helping his family instead of the other way around, especially with Liam. But he's missing Micki. Also, Captain James, he recruited her personally and feels very responsible for her departure. So, the two of them, we'll see in these next few episodes, are really making a commitment to keep fighting the good fight, stay on the mission that they said they were going to be on, and try to continue carrying the torch that Micki was holding.

According to the episode description, Captain James is shot this week!? What can we expect from this hour?

Yeah. Everyone definitely comes together. We'll see more of James' family. What I really loved this season is getting to see more of Coby's personal side with Captain James. He's not just the captain behind the desk, he's a fully formed human. So, yeah, we'll definitely see him very vulnerable and learn some more personal stuff. When the writers pitched this to me originally, I was like, "What? What do you mean we shoot Captain James?" But it's very exciting, and I hope we handled it well.

I know Walker steps up as interim captain. How does he compare to James as a captain?

It's brief. But it's not a role he wants. Cordell Walker is not gunning for captain. He's not a desk job kind of guy. He doesn't want that responsibility, but he really respects it. James, like I said, he recruited Micki. He was probably grooming her eventually to be in that kind of role. But she's gone, so he's like, "You're all I've got. You're the one who gets it. You follow my orders."

Can we look forward to finding out more about the Davidsons?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. We have Serano still looming and we have some complications with Serano coming up. But then really we're pivoting into the second half of the season with the simmering feud with the Davidsons coming to a head and really testing everyone. So yeah, we definitely find out much more about the Davidsons.

Sometimes I feel like I am Liam (Keegan Allen). I understand his rage. No one will listen to him about that family!

Yeah, totally. We are all Liam. He'll get his day in the sun.

How is Trey fairing after losing Micki?

He does definitely take a look at himself. I don't think you could help but do it. I mean, he's still there in the bungalow he shared with Micki. He takes a look at himself like, "Do I still need to be here?" He came for her. He had no other ties to Austin. He showed up with a duffel bag and never left. So, he definitely questions like, "What am I doing? Who am I when I'm not Micki's boyfriend?" But we're going to see he's much more than that.

I'm going to be honest: I'm going to have really mixed feelings the first time he goes on a date with someone new.

Oh, I know. Well, listen, the writers make fun of me because I'm the biggest prude in terms of story. I didn't want Cordell to touch anyone in season 1. I'm very, very protective. I'm okay now. Now some time has passed. I'm like, "Let him put his wife to rest." But no, believe me. I'm definitely one of those TV viewers also who's like, "Whoever you introduced me to as the original couple, that's the couple I'm going to root for. I will not stray from this idea." I'm very loyal to who you tell me to root for in the beginning. Anyway, but yeah, he can't be on a date this soon.

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

Walker airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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