Showrunner and creator Jeb Stuart explains how the sequel series connects to the original Vikings.

London Bridge is falling down. Yes, that London bridge.

EW's exclusive Vikings: Valhalla trailer picks up more than 100 years after the original Vikings series left off and shows exactly what happens when you cross not just one of these berserker Danes, but all of them.

You can already see how showrunner and creator Jeb Stuart — a writer on Die Hard and The Fugitive — is approaching the new show, which hits Netflix this February.

"I come from the action feature world where things are moving quickly," he tells EW. "I'm not going to give you 30 seconds to say, 'Hmm, wonder what he meant by that strange phrase?' You gotta keep up. You gotta move."

The story of Valhalla begins with a great atrocity: The St. Brice's Day Massacre. King Aethelred II of England, played by actor Bosco Hogan, ordered the genocide of the Danes on his lands, believing the Vikings of Norway and Sweden would be too distracted to notice what was going on in England. Boy, was he wrong.

"You have been summoned here to avenge the death of Vikings," King Canut of Denmark (Bradley Freegard) declares before his horde. "Bring me England!"

Further riling up the crowd is Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter), one of three primary characters the show will track. "This blood is not my blood. It is our blood," he exclaims. "It is Viking blood!"

Famed explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) and his sister Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson) complete the principal trio.

Other faces we see in the footage include King Aethelred's son, Prince Edmund (Louis Davison), who believes that the pounding he hears in the distance is the banging of drums. Emma of Normandy (Laura Berlin) corrects him. "No. Shields," she says.

Vikings: Valhalla
'Vikings: Valhalla' poster featuring Leo Suter, Frida Gustavsson, and Sam Corlett.
| Credit: Netflix

Stuart explains it was necessary for Valhalla to not have "any connected tissue" between his show and Michael Hirst's Vikings, which ran on History Channel from 2013-2020. Hirst returns as an executive producer on the sequel, but Stuart says the only note he offered was adding a bit of nostalgia to it.

There will be some recognizable names and locations for those who followed Hirst's six-season historical drama. Stuart makes clear you don't have to watch the original to get into the thick of the sequel.

Kattegat, the capital city of Ragnar's kingdom from Vikings, will feature in Vikings: Valhalla. Hirst had also teased that the spin-off will tie up some loose ends with Rollo (Clive Standen), whose story line was left somewhat open in Vikings, as he did not return for the final season.

Stuart says he can't get into too many specifics about that, but acknowledges some for Valhalla.

"As a fan of Vikings and a student of that particular type of history, you do know that Rollo really was part of the founding of Normandy, and Emma of Normandy comes over and becomes one of my main characters, and William the Conqueror is a descendant of Rollo," he explains. "We'd love to be able to get to that part of the story and get to that place that Michael did say you stop and you turn and nostalgically look back at the Viking era."

Vikings: Valhalla will premiere on Netflix Feb. 25.

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