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Dopesick review: An American horror story that's all too real
Michael Keaton and Kaitlyn Dever will break your heart in Hulu's harrowing drama about the origins of the opioid crisis in America.
Succession review: The long-delayed third season doesn't disappoint
After a two-year break, HBO's Emmy-winning drama 'Succession' returns with a kinetic and affecting third season featuring a Roy versus Roy showdown.
Foundation review: An ambitious, expensive, and uneven adaptation of a sci-fi classic
Apple TV+ shoots for the stars with its most ambitious effort to date. Unfortunately, the series ends up feeling rather alienating.
Midnight Mass review: A deeply affecting tale of faith gone wrong
The creator of Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor returns to Netflix with a horror story that doubles as a meditation on faith, death, and free will.
Ordinary Joe review: It's not extraordinary, but James Wolk is always worth watching
James Wolk elevates NBC's new drama Ordinary Joe, about one man with three very different lives.
Emmys 2021 review: Is it any wonder people have stopped watching awards shows?
Despite Cedric the Entertainer's best efforts, the 73rd Annual Emmy Awards were an underwhelming affair.

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The Morning Show review: Season 2 goes full Smash (and I approve)
Crazy plot twists, ridiculous dialogue, and inexplicable musical numbers — the pricey Apple TV+ drama starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon embraces the weird in season 2.

Ultra City Smiths review: An ultra- great reason to subscribe to one more streaming service

Why you should definitely, definitely watch the new hard-boiled stop-motion mystery musical about societal corruption starring sad dolls who sing funny songs