"I'll never live those pancakes down," the actress jokes during EW's virtual reunion with the AMC cast.

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All My Children had some crazy twists over the years, but "death by pancake" has to be near the top.

During the second episode of EW's Cast Reunions: All My Children series, actress Cady McClain looks back on her AMC character, Dixie Cooney, who perished after consuming tainted flapjacks, and reveals that the infamous storyline was crafted by an unnamed writer who had it out for her.

"It was a dig at me by one of the writers that very much wanted to put me in my place," she says in the video above. "I had stepped out of line and they wanted to put me back in line, and I was going to eat those pancakes and I was going to learn my lesson, and I certainly did."

"I'll never live those pancakes down," she jokes, admitting that "it was a very strange way to go out."

While she doesn't disclose exactly what she did to irk the writer, McClain says the punishment was actually enjoyable for her.

"My revenge I guess was that I really love pancakes," she says. "And they were absolutely delicious, so I enjoyed every bite. I was like, 'This doesn't bother me because I'm gonna eat 'em all.'"

McClain also says she was given a choice by the soap to announce that her departure was her own choice, when it was the opposite. Ultimately, the actress seemed to have no hard feelings over her exit, as she came back to the show as a ghost after her character's death in 2007, and later Dixie was revealed to be alive. After AMC was canceled by ABC in 2011, McClain appeared in the show's revived web series.

"The show has just gotten under so many peoples' skin. It got under my skin, like family," she says. "[I had] the joy of reconnecting and seeing all of your faces and just being so grateful for the time that we had together."

The second installment of EW's All My Children reunion also features fellow AMC alums Michael E. Knight, Jennifer Bassey, Jill Larson, and Darnell Williams. The full episode, which you can watch here, includes the actors reflecting on the late David Canary, as well as the origins of the Dixie-Tad coupling. In the clip below, the stars talk about Tad’s (played by Knight) infamous chicken suit proposal.

The All My Children reunion is part of EW's ongoing #UnitedAtHome series. A new episode will drop every day at 10 a.m. ET with two being released on Friday. The weeklong event is also for a good cause, with the AMC cast choosing to support Feeding America, which is putting food on the tables of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across the country. For those who want to donate, please visit ew.com/allmychildrenreunion.

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