Supernatural show premieres on Amazon Prime Oct. 30

By Clark Collis
October 21, 2020 at 10:03 AM EDT
Credit: Colin Hutton/Amazon Studios

As roommates back in the '90s, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were big fans of The X-Files. Now, a quarter of the century on, the Shaun of the Dead stars are two of the creators behind a show with strong Mulder-and-Scully vibes.

In the comedic supernatural show Truth Seekers, Frost stars as Gus, a broadband repairman with an unsuccessful side job investigating ghostly goings-on.

“He has his own YouTube channel called the Truth Seeker,” says the actor. “He debunks conspiracy theories or he goes looking for the Loch Ness Monster. The best bit of paranormal activity that he had before [the show starts] was watching a door slam over the course of nine hours.”

Things get much creepier after Gus is teamed at work with a younger partner, Elton, portrayed by Samson Kayo.

“Elton thinks it’s going to be a regular day’s work,” says Kayo. “But we find out that the journey they’re about to be on is a lot more spooky.”

But which spooky films do Frost and Kayo think would make perfect Halloween viewing? Let's find out!

"I love The Omen, that’s one of my favorites, the first one," says Frost. "Try and watch an Austrian film called Goodnight Mommy. It’s very creepy. It’s about a woman that comes back from having plastic surgery, and her face is completely bandaged up, and she has two twin boys that look after her. And you realize there’s some f---ery going on. I loved it!"

"I watched Annabelle through COVID and that film gives me the creeps, man," says Kayo. "That classic feel of fright. On Truth Seekers, they have so many underground bunkers and spooky [locations]. We worked at a kind of center for deaf children — an old abandoned place and there were all of these rooms that led to nothing. It just gave you that feel of, yeah, this isn’t nice. It just made it more natural to be able to work because you’re already a bit frightened and feel quite eerie before they said, 'Action.' Annabelle reminded me of that."

Truth Seekers costars Pegg, Emma D’Arcy, Susan Wokoma, and Malcolm McDowell. The show premieres on Amazon Prime Oct. 30.

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