There appear to be many fearsome competitors who will be waging war against one another for $200,000 and the keys to a totally tough-person truck when Tough as Nails premieres July 8 on CBS. There's the welder. The deputy sheriff. The ironworker. The roofer. And the… pint-size, 62-year-old airline gate agent?!

Yes, Michelle S. Kiddy — who is described by another contestant as "5-foot-nothing" — may seem like the distinct underdog in a show that will test people for "their strength, endurance, agility, and mental toughness in challenges that take place in the real world," but as she tells host Phil Keoghan in this exclusive clip from the premiere, "I lift a lot of bags."

And at least some people think she may be onto something. "Michelle definitely catches my eye," says firefighter Young An. "She has this smile. It's a little scary to me. She's like a little pit bull, pretty much. She's a killer too."

Whether Kiddy can actually win a competition series that "celebrates everyday Americans who consider the calluses on their hands a badge of honor" remains to be seen, but as she says, "Good things come in small packages."

In the clip, we not only are introduced to the 12 players competing for the money and the truck, but also learn how the contestants are not just playing for individual glory, but also taking part in team competitions — meaning no one is ever eliminated and sent home.

Get all the scoop, and prepare to be introduced to the gate agent looking to strike terror into the hearts of otherwise fearless reality contestants, by watching the video above. If you're tough enough, that is.

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