You, Me, & My Ex follows five couples testing the boundaries of love.

By Jethro Nededog
May 25, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT

And you thought you had problems with your partner's ex. TLC's new show will have you counting your blessings.

Produced by Bodega Pictures, You, Me, and My Ex follows five couples who blur the boundaries in which one's former partner can still remain in one's life. The show includes some wild configurations of what those relationships can look like. Watch EW's exclusive sneak peek above.

Allow us to introduce you to the first season's cast:

You Me and My Ex
Kayee Lovey, Jerry, and Jessica on TLC's "You, Me, & My Ex."
| Credit: TLC

There's Jerry, Kayee Lovey, and Jerry's ex-wife Jessica. Jerry and Jessica divorced, but chose to live together and raise their children under the same roof. But then Jerry's girlfriend moved in and proved three's a crowd.

You Me and My Ex
Wendy, Jimmy, Lisa, and Jack on TLC's "You, Me, and My Ex."
| Credit: TLC

And then we have Jimmy, his wife Wendy, Jimmy's ex-wife Lisa, and — breathe — Lisa's fiancé, Jack. While Jimmy and Lisa's marriage ended in divorce, they've since become best friends and business partners. Wendy feels Lisa is jealous of her marriage with Jimmy, but Lisa won't let her forget that she was Jimmy's first love. Oh, and poor Jack. He's left trying to keep Lisa's attention. It's clear Jimmy and Lisa have some unresolved issues from their marriage, and those will start to surface on the show.

You Me and My Ex
Alex, Caroline, and (on the phone) Stephen from TLC's "You, Me, & My Ex."
| Credit: TLC

Then there's Alex, Caroline, and Alex's ex-boyfriend Stephen. Caroline met Alex at work. She became Alex's shoulder to cry on while he was dealing with Stephen's cheating ways. Ultimately, Alex and Stephen broke up, but Caroline ended up moving up from Alex's friend to his girlfriend. But Stephen is still around and Caroline has to deal with it.

You Me and My Ex
Danielle, Josh, Jennifer, and Chantel on TLC's "You, Me, & My Ex."
| Credit: TLC

We also have Josh, Danielle, Josh's ex-wife Jennifer, and Jennifer's current wife Chantel. After five years of marriage and a son, Jennifer divorced Josh and realized she was attracted to women. Enter her co-worker Chantel. Now, Jennifer and Chantel are married. But Josh also got remarried to Danielle, who soon became pregnant. Well, Jennifer and Chantel wanted their own kid, and we bet you can guess who they asked for help. Yep, Josh.

You Me and My Ex
April, John, Loren, and Roy on TLC's "You, Me, & My Ex."
| Credit: Daniel Clark Cunningham/TLC

And to round out the cast, we have John, April, John's ex-wife Loren, and April's ex-husband Roy. John and Loren were neighbors to April and Roy. But John and April took being neighborly to new heights when they fell in love amid their failing marriages. After both couples divorced, John and April continued dating. But Roy and April remained close friends and John isn't so happy about it. How will this all play out as John and April's wedding approaches? If you're a fan of TLC shows, you know there's going to be some hurdles.

You, Me, & My Ex premieres Sunday, June 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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