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After opening season 3 with a loose adaptation of Jason Todd's death in 1988's A Death in the Family, Titans is turning its attention to another important moment from that era of Batman comics in this week's episode — and EW has an exclusive look at it.

In the above sneak peek from Thursday's installment, Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo) confronts Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) and reveals he knows Dick is Nightwing. This is essentially the moment DC Comics fans have been waiting for since Lycurgo was cast as Tim, who is destined to become the third Robin.

The scene is essentially Titans' take on the conversation Dick and Tim had in 1989's Batman #441, except on the show, Tim simply showed up at Wayne Manor with all of his evidence instead of following Dick home from the circus. In both scenarios, though, Tim shares he was at the circus the night Dick's parents died and figured out his secret identity because he noticed that both Robin and Nightwing could perform a complicated acrobatic trick that very few people pull off.

"So Robin pinched my moves, I can't copyright them," Dick says in the clip above, trying (and failing) to throw Tim off the scent.

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What the clip doesn't reveal, though, is why Tim has chosen now to approach Dick with what he knows. In the comics, Tim tracks Dick down because Batman has grown more violent since Jason's death, and he believes Dick is the only one who can help. But Bruce has been M.I.A. on Titans since the beginning of the season, so that doesn't seem like the case.

When EW spoke to Titans showrunner Greg Walker about Tim's debut ahead of season 3, he teased, "His relationship with Dick is [about] fathers and sons and mentoring."

Whether or not that means we'll see Tim suit up as Robin before the season ends remains to be seen.

Watch the clip above.

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