Titans has added another integral member of the Bat-family to the mix.

Jay Lycurgo has been cast as Tim Drake for season 3 of the HBO Max superhero drama, EW has learned.

In DC Comics canon, Tim Drake is better known as Batman's third Robin, taking over the position after the death of Jason Todd. It's currently unclear whether we'll see Lycurgo's Tim actually pick up the Robin mantle in season 3 because the official character description makes no mention of it.

Tim Drake is "a streetwise kid who's managed to grow up on the toughest streets without losing his indelible belief in heroism," per the description. "His easygoing demeanor is backed up by a near-genius mind, a natural detective with a perception of detail far beyond his years."

Jay Lycurgo, Titans
Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment; DC Comics

Tim's introduction into the Titans-verse would seem to fill the show's Robin void, however. Original Robin Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) transformed into Nightwing at the end of season 2, and Jason (Curran Walters) will abandon the name (and his team) in favor of becoming the vengeful Red Hood in season 3, which is currently in production.

With season 3, Titans is relocating from San Francisco to Gotham City and introducing several more iconic characters from Batman's beleaguered hometown, including former-Batgirl-turned-Gotham City Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch) and fear-toxin-loving baddie Scarecrow, a.k.a. Dr. Jonathan Crane, an inmate at Arkham Asylum who moonlights as a profiler for the GCPD.

Lycurgo also has a supporting role in Matt Reeves' upcoming film The Batman; it's not yet known whether his role on Titans is somehow related. His other credits include I May Destroy You and the ITV series Anthony.

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