Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Titans season 3 finale.

Teamwork made the dream work once again on Titans.

In the HBO Max drama's season 3 finale, the titular superteam's young heroes reunited to stop Dr. Jonathan Crane (Vincent Karthesier) from essentially blowing up Gotham City with fear toxin. While Dick (Brenton Thwaites), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), new recruit Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo), and the redemption-seeking Jason Todd (Curran Walters) infiltrated Wayne Manor, where Crane was hunkered down, Starfire (Anna Diop), Raven (Teagan Croft), Blackstar (Damaris Lewis), Superboy (Joshua Orpin), and Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) combined their powers to shower the city in the Lazarus Pit's life-restoring water in case anything went wrong. In the end, the first group thwarted Crane's plan and sent him right back to Arkham.

In the aftermath of the ordeal, A.R.G.U.S. attempted to recruit Donna while Jason set off on his own. Meanwhile, Dick rented an RV so the Titans could road-trip back to Gotham, with Tim in tow. Thankfully this isn't the end of the road for the team, as Titans was just renewed for a fourth season.

EW had a chance to catch up with Thwaites to reflect on what some have called the show's best season yet and discuss his hopes for season 4.

Brenton Thwaites on 'Titans'
| Credit: HBO Max

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When I spoke to Alan Ritchson, he said he thought this was the show's best season yet. Looking back on it, do you agree?

BRENTON THWAITES: Yeah, I do. I think it's due to the fact that we had a good story, a world-building story, and a problem that was high-stakes for the whole of Gotham. Because we're superheroes, our job is to protect people, save people, and do good. In past seasons we've been doing that, but I guess the threat to the most amount of people was the reason why we had a really big problem to solve. And a good villain. The better the villain, the better the superhero. We had Crane, who was planning to destroy Gotham and kill essentially millions of people, as our problem. Watching us figure out how to overcome that, I feel, was probably the most interesting so far.

Despite the fact that you shot during the pandemic, it felt like we saw the Titans working together way more than past seasons, and I know in the past you've said how much you enjoy the group fight scenes. Did you feel a shift in terms of the team's cohesion this season?

Yeah, totally. In season 2 we got stuck a little a bit with so many people in a room. Just the dynamics of how to shoot that is quite challenging and time-consuming. Just for a point of difference, I know that the showrunners planned to make season3 a story where we're all following our own story lines but essentially collaborating and working together on the same goal. Towards the end, you have Dick Grayson and Superboy going out on their own. You've got Donna Troy and Tim Drake [in] their own story line with the GCPD and threat of cops in the street. So planted around different locations is a different kind of conflict that all our characters are working through. It's harder to shoot. It's more locations. It's a complete challenge to produce that. But essentially, that's the reason why people are loving season 3, because it's interesting and high-stakes, and you've got these superheroes realistically solving a bunch of these huge fires that Crane has started.

What was your favorite aspect of season 3?

I do enjoy the fight scenes, because it challenges me. It's physical. It's demanding. One that comes to my mind is the fight scene [with Jason Todd] in episode 4. We're in the woods, and we're doing that big scene. I really enjoyed the Barbara story line this season. It was a little bit different. It was filled with a lot of backstory right from the get-go, and so we had a lot of material to play off, as opposed to just meeting and developing a relationship. It was already very developed. There was already a certain conflict between us. That was one that I enjoyed seeing through to the end. We had our moments. We're slowly starting to work together professionally. The personal relationship is paralleling that a little bit. So that was cool in the dramatic sense, but I do enjoy the fighting stuff.

As a fan of Dick and Barbara's relationship, were you disappointed when Dick decided to leave Gotham?

No, you know what? It's funny. I think that the professional and the personal for that relationship were parallel. Once the professional ended, I don't know, it felt like it was a natural end to our personal relationship. There's a lot of love. There's a lot of respect. But I guess we just both knew that it was up, our time in Gotham was up, and we didn't need to be there anymore. So that relationship, whether it will end or not, I think that it's one of those things where it's a respectful, mutual end to the relationship.

Brenton Thwaites and Jay Lycurgo on 'Titans'
| Credit: HBO Max

The season ends with Dick bringing Tim Drake onto the team. What lessons do you think Dick has learned from the Jason ordeal that he'll apply to training Tim?

I think that revenge is maybe not something to focus on in fighting crime and fulfilling your day, that trust and loyalty is a big part out of why we have such a good team and why we have the ability to take on these supervillains and succeed. [And] I guess the why. Why are we doing this? Why does Tim want to do this? It can't just be to drive in the Batmobile and to shoot hooks up into the sky and fly around. That's a certain element that we all love, I'm not going to lie. But I think that the beauty of Titans is it focuses in on the character arcs and explains why these people are doing the things they're doing. I think if Dick's to teach Tim anything and to impart any wisdom, it would be that if the reason why you're doing this is not really developed, then you can't do this. I think that's what he's waiting to see. He's testing him. He's testing to see whether this kid just wants to jump in the action and have fun for the sake of it, or if he really wants to do good and protect people, save people, fight for what he believes in.

Do you have any idea what's in store for season 4 yet?

Not a single idea, mate.

In that case, what are your hopes for season 4?

Well, it's more to do with the characters that I haven't seen come to light yet, that I would really love to come to the front of the screen and have major story lines. I'd love to see a story line develop between Superboy and the Titans. There's a lot of juice in that, because we've seen a lot of him be good and a team player, and really attach himself to Dick's morals and values. But we all know there's this hidden dark side in that character that I think would be really interesting to explore. That's one of my favorite characters. I think Josh plays that very well, that flippant double-sided good-and-bad character.

But then, essentially, it's all about the villain. Titans is a series that structurally evolves around a villain or two. In the first season it was two villains. In the second it was Deathstroke. In the third it was Crane. So I'm really interested to see who the season 4 villain is, or who are the multiple villains that will be in the series. What are the different ways the Titans can band together to defeat this villain? Or what are the ways that this villain can rupture that circle and break us away? Who are we going to boldly kill off, if we want to kill off someone? This season we killed off Hank [Ritchson]. Hank was such a strong character for us. We're all very sad to see him go, but that was such a great move for the season and for the show. So we might do that again. I'm really not sure, mate. I'm excited to see anything happen.

There's so many possibilities with Titans. We could go intergalactic to Tamran and explore of that relationship a little bit more. They could come to Earth, and we could have this big alien explosion. Dick could explore his relationship with Bruce Wayne [Iain Glen] a little bit. Maybe they could start developing a personal relationship that's a little detached from the business side of the father-son thing that Dick has always felt a certain level of animosity towards him. In season 3 it was nice to see that returned a little bit, and to see that Dick is starting to find himself and starting to get his confidence. He's his own superhero. But perhaps Bruce Wayne is starting to deteriorate a little bit and fall off the bandwagon? That's an interesting dynamic as well. Then the other big one [is] Tim Drake. Jay has done such a great job of playing that kid who really wants to be involved, but maybe he's not there yet. It'd be great to see him come to light and get his confidence and learn the ropes of being a superhero.

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