Still, the Cookout mastermind ended up being the first to go from the alliance.

Tiffany Mitchell successfully executed her mission on Big Brother, but then it was every man (or woman) for themself. Unfortunately, the 40-year-old phlebotomist from Detroit became the first member of the Cookout to join the jury house. Here, Mitchell looks back on the moment the Cookout formed, and how they knew it was vital to keep the Black players together in the game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you told Big D that he got cast as a joker, did you mean that as a dig?

TIFFANY MITCHELL: I did not mean it as a dig. Big D has said in this house, "I think they have me cast as the joker." I was just confirming his thoughts to him as if, "How could you not know that?"

Tiffany Mitchel Big Brother
Tiffany Mitchell on 'Big Brother'
| Credit: CBS

What did you think when Julie Chen Moonves acknowledged on camera that your alliance had made history? 

I thought it was groundbreaking. I was truly honored that she acknowledged it. It made me feel personally good about the mission we accomplished because in this house we have no idea how we were being received, what America thinks. For Julie to acknowledge that we had made it that far, that we had accomplished our goal… it really made me feel proud of all of the work we put in. 

At what moment did you realize your days were numbered in the house? 

Oh my, I think I always knew after the master plan that my days were numbered. I just got this feeling. Once we made it to six, I was probably going to be the sixth or fifth person out of the house. I always knew that once I touched the block [I'd be out]. I had never touched the block. I knew that once it happened it was going to be my turn to go. Then I saw Kyland turn the key and I saw my picture. I was like, "I'm the target."

You were the mastermind of the Cookout. So when did you actually hatch the mission to make sure the Black players were the last people standing in the house? 

I don't know how to fully accept credit for being the mastermind behind the Cookout. We walked into that house on day one, looked around, saw each other, and I think we all realized we cannot target each other — that's just something we cannot do. So it was an understanding we had on day one. By week three, I knew we needed a plan, and I did make it my mission to create a plan that would allow all six of us to get to the end, instead of us trying to blindly feel our way through. I have so much respect for the Cookout.

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