In celebration of the launch of their new network Magnolia Channel, the reality stars share a throwback video featuring their first-ever casting tape.

Everyone starts somewhere... even Fixer Upper superstars Chip and Joanna Gaines. Ahead of the couple's highly-anticipated cable debut on Wednesday, Magnolia Network — their new joint venture with Discovery Channel — has released a throwback video showing where it all began: an original Fixer Upper casting tape from 2012.

The never-before-seen video shows the Texas couple introducing themselves and their new company, before launching into a demonstration of the type of homes they would look at flipping, why they would choose to redesign them, and how long their process takes. In addition to showcasing Joanna's design process and Chip's home improvement skills, the video also showcases the couple's signature banter and easy working relationship that has made them beloved among fans.

2012 Fixer Upper Casting Tape | Magnolia Network
Chip and Joanna Gaines in a 'Fixer Upper' casting video from 2012.
| Credit: Magnolia Network

It also reveals the first look at a building in Texas that the Gaines purchased when they first got married. Called "Magnolia Homes," the building was where Joanna ran a gift shop of home goods and unique finds that Chip managed to secure.

"This is where it all started," Joanna explains, showing off the establishment and how they've built up their loyal clientele of over the years.

"How could you not want to watch this show?" Chip asks at the end of the video while he's sitting on a toilet seat waiting to use it for a renovation. It's a question that now comes off as almost a sneaky joke, considering their past decade of success.

Magnolia Channel will officially rebrand the existing DIY Network, starting with the debut of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, and will be an exclusive home base for all existing Magnolia Network series like The Lost Kitchen, Mind for Design, The Johnnyswim Show, Home Work, Zoe Bakes, Magnolia Table With Joanna Gaines, Family Dinner, and Restoration Road With Clint Harp. In addition to its original content, the network will also feature episodes of classic DIY programs including The French Chef, This Old House, and Ask This Old House.

"I don't think we understood the gravity of it," Chip told EW in a recent interview where they discussed their feelings on the network launch. "Everybody was pawing at us for more television. What kind of television can you be involved in and how many hours and how many dollars can we pay you for those hours? Discovery CEO David Zazlav put all that aside and really didn't chase how many hours [they could produce]. He said you two are business people and he refers to his networks as businesses. He said if we coupled you with one of our businesses, we have the opportunity to do something great together."

Watch the video above. Fixer Upper: Welcome Home premieres on the new Magnolia Network Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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