Beth makes her husband a proposition he can't refuse. Or can he?
This Is Us - Season 3

In the season 6 premiere of This Is Us — yes, the very last one you'll ever get — it's the Big Three's 41st birthday. Which should be a cause for celebration. But this is This Is Us, and there's drama coming from inside the Pearson house. Specifically, Randall and Beth's townhouse in Philadelphia.

Instead of focusing on his special day, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) suddenly finds himself at a fork in the road after he receives some flustering news. Turns out, the police arrested the guy who robbed their house, and this criminal was carrying around their wedding photo, minus the frame. (Weird. And violating.) Randall tells wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that he wants to go down to the courthouse to confront the man, an idea that she does not support. She offers him two doors. Behind Door No. 1? Her. She reminds him that his wife is "clicking on all her sexy cylinders and is ready to grant you any birthday wish you want, like a less problematic Aladdin genie." (!) Behind Door No. 2? He ruins the festivities by going to courthouse to interact with the "creeper."

Which door will Randall choose? Unlock the first clip of the new season to see the verdict. But you probably already know the answer.

The season 6 premiere, which airs Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, will delve into other Pearson family drama, of course. "We go into discussing Rebecca's health again," Watson tells EW, referring to the struggle with Alzheimer's that the Pearson matriarch (Mandy Moore) is facing. "That's part of it, but also the birthday episodes are always about each member of the Big Three working through some of their own issues and where they're at in their life right now." Meanwhile, the woman who plays one-third of the Big Three, Chrissy Metz, a.k.a. Kate, shared more hints for the action and tears to come.

Watch the exclusive clip above.

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