Jon Stewart's new streaming series debuted Sept. 30 and quickly became the most-viewed unscripted series on Apple TV+ — besting even Oprah.

Jon Stewart has a problem, but it's not viewership.

The former Daily Show host has been off TV (aside from an occasional late-night appearance) since he stepped away from his hit Comedy Central series in 2015. Now Stewart's back with The Problem With Jon Stewart, a new Apple TV+ series. As put by the streamer, every episode features Stewart and guests taking a "deep dive into some of the most enduring, deeply-entrenched issues of our time."

Announced as part of Stewart's new first-look deal with Apple, the hour-long series was greenlit as a "multi-season" endeavor long before The Problem's Sept. 30 debut with an episode titled "The Problem With War." And the gamble seems to have paid off big — EW has confirmed through a source that the series is now Apple TV+'s most-viewed unscripted programming, besting the likes of even Oprah Winfrey's The Oprah Conversation. (The Problem's companion podcast also skyrocketed to the top spot on the charts when it debuted.)

Stewart's new hit continues today with "The Problem With Freedom" — and EW has an exclusive peek at the new episode for non-subscribers above.

In the clip, Stewart has a discussion about money and power with Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef, Venezuelan activist Francisco Marquez, and Filipina journalist Maria Ressa. "Americans love freedom," reads the episode description. "But what price are they willing to pay for it—and what can be learned from other countries that are fighting to be free?"

The Problem With Jon Stewart releases bi-weekly on Apple TV+.

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