Plus, Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver drop hints about what awaits Cary and Brooke in the new season.
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Navigating Hollywood's highs and low blows whilst being the sibling of Chase Dreams hasn't been easy for Cary and Brooke Dubek. And now, with the ascension of their mother, Pat, to America's daytime sweetheart, the trouble is double in season 2 of The Other Two.

"Cary and Brooke not only have tween girls who know who they are, but now they also have mom talk show fans who scream at them on the street," says Drew Tarver, who plays Cary. "You can't go anywhere. You can't go into a young place or into a home goods." Perfectly sums up Heléne Yorke, better known as Brooke: "It's a lot of, like, Sheilas, and then also Tamarins after us."

This brother and sister will aggressively pursue their careers in the business in the long-awaited new season, and it's two steps forward, two faceplants back. "What's interesting Brooke and Cary are off on these busy journeys, almost separate from each other, trying to make it happen and doing a lot of check-ins like, 'How's it going?' And it's usually not going great,'" Yorke tells EW.

"It is a show about fame and the industry and all these big sort of crazy things that are happening, but at the core of it, it's just about a family who is on this ride and these relationships they have with each other," explains Tarver. "There does become a time where they are kind of like, 'I need to take care of myself.' In that struggle of like, 'Am I trying to make sure the family is okay or do I need to take care of myself here?' That's a theme throughout the season — of choosing yourself or staying in the tight knit family group."

Yorke tosses in a few more questions into the pile of season 2 themes: "When is that selfish and when are you actually better because you took care of yourself? It's hard for them because I think that so much does revolve around Chase and Pat now that it's both of them in the center. So, 'What's our thing?' continues to be the searching question."

Brooke's thing, of course, is management. She triumphantly became a co-manager of Chase (Case Walker) at the end of season 1, only to find out soon after that Chase decided to drop out of the business and enroll at NYU. This throws more than a dent in her plans. "Season 2 picks up with her deciding she's very edgy," she says. "She's going to be a music manager. She's going to keep going down this road. And she describes her mother as 'lame daytime,' and that she's above that. So she's gonna have to make a couple concessions. And I think she surprises even herself."

Cary, meanwhile, is living his dream with oodles of screen time. The problem is, it's shows like The Gay Minute on HuffPost Live and Age Net Worth Feet on E! News Digital. (Yes, Cary asks celebrities on the red carpet "the only three questions you care about," as you'll see in this exclusive-to-EW clip above.) "In the first season, Cary was trying to readjust to this new atmosphere of having his younger brother be a global superstar and digging his heels in, wanting things to slow down," says Tarver. "And Brooke throughout the season is like, 'You need to ride this wave. I know it's not perfect, or what you may be thought.' [In] the second season, he is kind of flinging himself into things to try to ride that wave. And it's some things that he doesn't view as maybe what he thought his career was going to be like — you know, looking at people's feet on a red carpet. He's trying to embrace that wave, and continue on to move into a space where he feels more comfortable — but he's got to check out those little piggies. If he looks at the right toes the right way, somebody may cast him in the next Marvel movie."

Zosia Mamet The Other Two
Drew Tarver and Zosia Mamet in season 2 of 'The Other Two.'
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The world of daytime talk shows winds up with a new superhero in Pat (Molly Shannon), and she will find out what it truly means to be adored by America. "What amused me the most about Pat's journey is that being a talk show host is so much more than just the talk show," offers Yorke. "It's so much about the social element and funny ways in which she engages with fans and she becomes a personality all her own. She becomes a symbol to women. Somebody who's dealt with major grief because her husband froze to the roof. She resonates with women in this way that Brooke really pushes her to… really milk it."

Seconds Tarver: "The talk show element this season is so funny and interesting. I mean, even the real shots of the audience, just going across all of these audience members in bright purple and green and red shirts is just so funny and good. And all of the extra work she has to do to promote this show outside of actually filming it."

They also believe you will be amused by the journey of new college student Chase as he attempts to live a normal dorm life. "He stops being a pop star, but he's famous," says Tarver. "Can you go back from that? Can you just be like, 'No, no, no, I'm not famous. Leave me alone. Let me go to school'? And how that affects him is very, very interesting this season."

Yorke and Tarver offer up a few more tantalizing teases for you to consider while you await the first two episodes to premiere Thursday on their new home of HBO Max. "The InstaGays are back, but they're different," hints Tarver. Teases Yorke: "Feminism is complicated."

The Other Two creators Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly had plenty more Hollywood gossip to spill — well, at least as it pertains to the characters of the show — over here.

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