The Office (TV Show)

Bears, Beets, Bathroom Troubles.

The Office may have ended almost nine years ago, but there's still new Dunder Mifflin hijinks for the world to see. Ahead of season 4 of The Office: Superfan Episodes streaming on Peacock beginning Saturday, EW has an exclusive never-before-seen extended cold open from "Job Fair."

In the video, which can be viewed above, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) predictably goes running to see what is wrong when Michael (Steve Carell) can be heard screaming from the bathroom. It turns out that all of his belongings fell in the toilet, from his phone to his wallet to his candy corn ("I threw the keys in out of anger," he admits). Feeling the amusement of his employees, Michael insists that it's not funny. "Technically, it is toilet humor, which you claim to enjoy," points out Dwight, to which Michael responds, "It is not toilet humor, it is toilet tragedy."

After declaring this to be "the best thing that ever happened to me," Michael later returns with an invention that he claims will "change the way we all do business… so to speak." The rest of the office isn't quite sold on this mesh toilet guard that is mostly just half a tennis racket. In his testimonial to the camera, Creed (Creed Bratton), in very Creed-fashion, shares his thoughts: "Here's an idea: Add a handle to that puppy and you've got yourself a tennis racket."

That's what he said.

For more Office cold opens, check out our ranking of the top 10, which includes a chili tragedy and a George Foreman grill tragedy.

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