Sorry, Pippi, you're not on the list.

The Office (TV Show)

What's better than Pretzel Day? A brand-new cut scene from The Office, of course.

In honor of the arrival of The Office: Superfan Episodes season 5 on Peacock, the Dunder Mifflin C-suite has released a previously unaired clip from episode 10, "The Surplus," which finds the office dealing with a use-it-or-lose-it budget surplus that tears the group in two. One camp wants new chairs; the other wants a copy machine that actually makes copies.

And then there's Michael (Steve Carell), who's learned that he can keep a percentage of the surplus if he returns it unspent. Cue the Scott-ian scheming.

Michael downplays the necessity for any new equipment­ — even though the copier demonstrably does not work and the chairs are a nightmare on everyone's spines — by launching into a story about a young boy who could safely be referred to as "ichael-May ott-Scay."

"Like any other 12-year-old boy, he wanted a Pippi Longstocking doll for Christmas," Michael says to begin his tale. "But his evil stepfather Jeff said, 'No, you may not have what you want. You must have a football.'"

Superfans of The Office are aware of the animosity Michael feels for his stepfather, so it's no surprise that the boy in Michael's story cries and holds his breath and refuses to eat his dinner after Jeff veto.

Here, Michael launches into a surprisingly useful life lesson.

"You know something?" he asks. "It turns out that Jeff was right because I already had a G.I. Joe and a Stretch Armstrong and a Malibu Barbie and a Major Matt Mason, which technically is enough for a tea party. So my point is this: I didn't need what I thought I needed. What I needed was to learn how to appreciate what I had."

In addition to this advice, it clarifies for Jim (John Krasinski) the number of dolls sufficient for tea time and allows Michael to drift off into one of his mangled pop culture references: "Stop! Hammer time. Baggy pants!"

From there, the clip swings back into the episode as it aired, with Michael praising the "erkel-nomically correct chairs" before Oscar gets him to confess that he found out he'd pocket a bonus for not spending the money and the staff revolts.

Settle back in your own erkel-nomical chair and watch the clip above.

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