Julianna Margulies joins season 2 of the Apple TV+ drama, which will also tackle systemic racism in the newsroom.
The Morning Show
Julianna Margulies joins Applet TV+ drama "The Morning Show" for season 2.
| Credit: Apple TV+

"Oh God, she bugs me!"

Yep, it looks like season two of The Morning Show will feature some interesting tension between former morning show host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and journalist Laura Peterson, played by new cast member Julianna Margulies.

The latest trailer for the new season (Sept. 17 on Apple TV+) reveals more of Laura's mentor relationship with Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon).

"I don't think they're using you in the right way," she tells Bradley, who's worried that she may be getting "edged out" of her morning show gig. Alex, meanwhile, isn't buying Bradley's assessment that Laura is "perfectly nice."

Even if fast-talking UBA network exec Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) is successful in wooing Alex back to host, there's plenty of other behind-the-scenes drama to keep him busy. Weekend host Daniel Henderson (Desean Terry) is fed up with what he calls "a pattern of behavior around here that disadvantages people of color." A juicy tell-all book by Maggie Brener (Marcia Gay Harden) about "The Morning Show's" backstage troubles is about to hit shelves. And online media exec Stella Bak (Greta Lee) is planning on making big changes in the industry — with or without Alex's help.

Stay tuned to the end to hear Crudup's wonderfully bombastic delivery of this wonderfully bombastic line: "This is a BATTLE for the SOUL of the UNIVERSE!"

Watch the trailer above.

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