The Lego Masters host outdoes even notoriously bad-at-guessing Ken Jeong with this one.

Ken Jeong, is that you?

Will Arnett is giving the notoriously bad-at-guessing judge a run for his money when he joins the panel on this week's episode of The Masked Singer.

In an exclusive clip from tonight's show, which will feature the Group C Championships, Arnett has a bit of an existential crisis and provides what is perhaps the craziest guess ever seen on the show.

Speaking with EW ahead of the episode, the actor revealed that he hadn't really watched The Masked Singer before becoming a guest panelist. "I was surprised at how much fun it was, it was like a crazy circus party," he said. "Just the insanity and the costumes and the audience is super into it, and the panel is so funny. I mean, Ken Jeong is having fun no matter what he's doing and it's infectious, you know? So that was surprising."

In addition to his crazy guess in the video above, the Lego Masters host said he has a pretty unique idea for the show. "I thought it'd be funny if people did it in character and it's like famous people from history, like Abraham Lincoln. You make it like an educational Masked Singer," he explained, adding, "The kids might be like, wait, now we got to learn? But I thought that would be funny."

Credit: Michael Becker / FOX

Since he had so much fun on the show, would he consider donning a mask and disguise in an upcoming season? "No. Immediately people would guess me because I've got such a terrible singing voice," he said, laughing. "I'd be one note in and they'd be like oh yeah, that's Will Arnett."

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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