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Warning: This article contains spoilers about The Masked Singer season 3, episode 9.

Look who's extinct?

On Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer, YouTube personality and entertainer JoJo Siwa — a.k.a. The T. Rex — was the latest singer to get the boot from Fox's competition show. Here, the 16-year-old performer who got her big break on Dance Moms talks about how she never got nervous while performing as a crooning dinosaur.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your youthful energy level was a dead giveaway? Did anyone tell you to maybe tone it down?

JOJO SIWA: They actually told me to turn the energy up and if they needed me to tone it down, they would tell me. I was like, okay. That's what they told me before I even started. They loved it. They said my energy was amazing. Keep it.

The Masked Singer
THE MASKED SINGER: T-Rex in the all-new "Last But Not Least: Group C Kickoff!" episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, March 11 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © FOX Media LLC.
| Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

You made that costume look like it was ridiculously easy to move in. Did it feel like that for you?

Oh no, it was so difficult. Honestly. It was hard and heavy. I had 18 layers on, but it was still worth it. If I could go back in time, I'd do it all again.

But the amount of bouncing and jumping you did was crazy.

It's definitely a struggle, but it was so fun.

So there were videos on YouTube breaking down your clues. Let's go over them and see if the guesses were correct. The guy digging up that pink liquid, was he supposed to represent Abby Lee Miller?

I think so.

You obviously wear a lot of bows.


Jojo Siwa
Credit: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Then there was this compass that pointed north and west, which I guess is a reminder that you used to babysit for the Kardashians. Is that correct?

Yes, ma'am. That is correct.

Then they showed the dinosaurs in bubbles. Was that a reference to your bubble dance back in the day?

And then the other dinosaurs represented all the other dancer friends of yours?

Actually, I'm not sure about that one. I think that is representative of how I am everywhere. Like my face is everywhere. My face is on everything, like on products and stuff.

So how many of your friends texted you asking if it was you?

Oh, my gosh, so many. It's so hard because my friends would text me. I don't want to lie to them. So I just didn't reply.

Were you a fan of the show before you started this?

I think everybody is, right?

Was it easy to convince you to do it?

Oh, yeah. As soon as I was asked to do it I was like, yeah, 100%.

What kind of songs were you looking for?

Stuff that was super high energy, you know, stuff that I can really perform to. When I was, like, 4, I took singing lessons. I perform, obviously. I go on tour. I have music. But I'm actually not trained in any way.

Did you feel nervous at all about this?

No, I get it. I learned that being nervous makes me miss out on the fun on it. What I do for a living is perform. It was weird. Nobody knew that it was me performing, but I just pretended like they did.

Did the microphone match up correctly to where your mouth was?

No, it didn't. I was actually wearing a headset and my microphone was just the prop. It was honestly quite uncomfortable.

We know the rules. You can't interact with anybody else on the show while you're on the show. Have you been in contact with any of your competitors since you got booted?

No, I haven't. But after tonight I want to call Bella [Thorne] and be like, 'Hey, like, we were together.'

What's next for you?

So much, so much. I'm going to tour this year. Unfortunately, it was postponed because of the horrible virus that's happening right now. But there is so much happening for me in life. All good things that I can't talk about yet.

Are you dancing in quarantine? And what are you binging?

I've literally not stopped dancing. All I'm doing right now is dancing and it's amazing. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm into 90 Day Fiancé right now. It's so good.

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