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Starting with the first clue package, two dogs, a rainbow frog, and a dove are seen sitting together with teacups in front of them. There are several possible hints here. The dogs could be a reference to Kelly's two pups, Frodo and Dobby, while the rainbow frog likely refers to when Kelly sang "Rainbow Connection" with Kermit the Frog during a Disneyland anniversary special. As for the dove, Kelly has won a Dove Award for her "I'll Find You" music video. The four animals are seen sitting in a suspiciously panel-like formation, which could be a nod to her time on American Idol. And even more damning, the animals have tea in front of them, and Kelly loves to throw special tea parties with her fans.

There's a pretty obvious Harry Potter reference with a hog with warts on it, and Kelly is a known Potterhead (remember her dog, Dobby?). Seahorse also mentions a "tug of war" with herself, and her song "Should've Been Us" features the lyric "back and forth like a tug of war."

Tori Kelly
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The best clue that Seahorse is Kelly comes in the second clue package, though, when she's depicted on a wagon that has a crossed-out broken smile symbol on it. Her debut album, which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, is called Unbreakable Smile. At one point, a bunch of clocks with wings on them are shown in the package, and Kelly has a song called "Time Flies." (Those Masked Singer writers are so clever).

Seahorse also talks a lot about how early in her career she had some sort of failure and then posted up in her bedroom "spilling my soul onto the page." Per a 2014 USA Today article, after Kelly was eliminated on American Idol, "she retreated to her bedroom, where she began singing songs into her webcam and posting them on YouTube."

And that's not all: We've also found a video of Kelly singing both songs that the Seahorse has sung on Masked Singer. Here is Kelly singing "Only Girl (In the World)," by Rihanna, and here she is singing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Both performances are acoustic, so they sound a bit different than they did on the show, but there are some definite vocal similarities between the Seahorse and Tori Kelly.

What do you think, fellow armchair detectives? Have we cracked the case on Seahorse's identity? Let us know in the comments below.

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