Meet the terrifying new Wildcard contestant.

Talk about making an entrance.

The newest Wildcard contestant to join The Masked Singer's sixth season, Jester, is finally ready to make his debut in Wednesday night's episode — and EW has the truly horrifying first look, below. Cover your eyes, kids!

"That's a little disturbing," panelist Nicole Scherzinger declares seeing the contestant for the first time. "I can't unsee this," Ken Jeong agrees.

The costume — which has got to be the most terrifying yet on the show — recently made waves on the internet thanks to a story on TMZ that claimed the costume had to be altered for NSFW purposes. Per the report, the "OG Jester costume had a specific vision for the look ... a codpiece to protect his, um, family jewels."

According to the report, FOX execs had issues with the, ahem, package, and the costume was altered to be a bit more family-friendly, "much to the celebrity's dismay." You can see the final result in the video above.

In addition to Jester, this week's episode of The Masked Singer will feature performances from the rest of Group A, including Pepper, Skunk, Bull, and Hamster. It will air on Fox Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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