We think we've cracked the case.

He's the most mysterious new character on this season of The Masked Singer, and we know the least about him, but that hasn't stopped EW from figuring out Cluedle-Doo's true identity.

We believe when the wacky rooster with a penchant for giving clues and causing mayhem is unmasked, panelist Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg is in for quite a shock. Why? Because Cluedle-Doo has got to be none other than her husband, actor, producer, and former New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg. Let's break down the clues.

Cluedle-Doo on 'The Masked Singer'
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First of all, during the singalong episode, Cluedle-Doo teased that he has a connection to the show's Gremlin, who was unmasked to reveal Mickey Rourke in the fourth season. Wahlberg's very first film role was in a film called Bullet, which starred Rourke.

And, in a musical segment that aired on the show, we were given three other very important clues about Cluedle's identity. He says, "You've seen me in the kitchen, now solve my identity like you'd solve a jigsaw puzzle. Even Ken Jeong should figure me out!"

The mention of a kitchen could refer to his family's popular burger chain and its accompanying reality show, Wahlburgers. The jigsaw clue definitely feels like a Saw reference, and Wahlberg plays Eric Matthews in that horror film franchise. And even the mention of Ken points to Wahlberg, because the two both starred in the 2011 film Zookeeper.

Donnie Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg at the 2019 TCA Turner Winter Press Tour
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The Masked Singer hasn't given many more official clues to his identity on the show itself, but on the show's podcast it was teased that the person behind Cluedle-Doo has never been on the show in any capacity, and although he's been guessed as a contestant before many times, Wahlberg has never actually been on the show. The podcast also teased that the character has a connection to someone currently on the show, which could refer McCarthy-Wahlberg, his wife, or even possibly Robopine (a.k.a. Tyrese Gibson), with whom he starred in the 2006 film Annapolis.

With the fifth season drawing to a close, Cluedle-Doo should be unmasking himself very soon. When he's (very likely) revealed to be Donnie Wahlberg, don't say we didn't warn you. Here's to hoping the former boy bander throws in a surprise performance on his way out the door.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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