Evidence points to the "See You Again" rapper under the mask.

The charismatic and cool Chameleon has made it into The Masked Singer's Spicy Six this season, so it's time to break down his clues and crack open his celebrity identity. Many fans already think the lanky lizard is rapper Wiz Khalifa just based on his voice and towering stature, but EW has the analysis to back it up.

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa at the "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala
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Week 2 clue package

Chameleon hints at his background with his first clues segment. We see a license plate that reads "Camoflag," which is a reference to Khalifa's parents having served in the military. He also says that he puts the "'tech' in 'technicolor," and later the letters "I.T." show up too. Khalifa has talked about technology like VR and collaborated with tech companies such as Oculus.

And, did you know the "Black and Yellow" rapper has his own app? He launched the mobile video game Weed Farm in 2017, which also explains the joy stick and video game in the package.

There are also a few nods to Khalifa's songs: the dice with the numbers 2 and 3 directs us to Mike Will Made-It's track "23" featuring Khalifa (plus he has tattoos of dice!), while "007" leads to Khalifa's song "James Bong." One of the last and most telling hints from Chameleon's first clue package is the sign that says "Beware of Pit," a.k.a. Pittsburgh, where Khalifa was raised.

Week 4

Speaking of Pittsburgh, there's a blue and gold graduation cap shown in Chameleon's package. Those are the colors of the University of Pittsburgh, and Khalifa performed at the school in 2019. Then, the black and yellow taxi with peaches on it is a twofer, as it represents Khalifa's hit song "Black and Yellow" (and Pittsburgh's official colors), and his mom Peachie.

There's also a dress form, which led panelist Robin Thicke to tailoring or the fashion world. There's no denying that Khalifa has worn some snazzy outfits, but we think it's a reference to Taylor Gang, a group and entertainment company founded by Khalifa. Additionally, the "Bonjour" written on a canvas leads to his song "French Inhale" with Snoop Dogg.

One of the clip's most touching and revealing moments was Chameleon honoring someone he was inseparable from and who was taken away from him. He said she was attacked for who she was when they were younger. Khalifa's sister Lala, who was transgender, died in 2017, and their mother has tweeted about fearing transphobia against her daughter.

The rapper's support for his late sister could also explain the rainbow paintbrush we see in the package. And when Chameleon says he honors her memory by helping people feel proud of their "true colors," that's also a nod to Khalifa's song of the same name.

Week 5

In this Karate Kid-style clue package, Chameleon drives home how much he wants to be a good influence on his "lil chameleon." Khalifa has one son, Sebastian Taylor, with ex Amber Rose. Chameleon also says he was influenced by his love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to take up martial arts. Well, Khalifa had a song featured in the soundtrack for the franchise's 2014 reboot movie and he's trained in Muay Thai, a type of mixed martial arts.

Week 7

Hearing the contestant talk about meeting his idol, whom he considered the GOAT, and later working together and becoming friends, Snoop immediately came to mind. Given their age gap, Khalifa likely grew up listening to the West Coast legend. They've now worked together on numerous songs, as well as a joint album and a stoner movie, and Khalifa has called him "my homie, my mentor, my partner, and my brother."

If you're still not sold, clue-meister Cluedle-Doo's hints will definitely seal the deal. He's told us that Chameleon has a history with "precious gemstones," has seen more stages than Masked Singer, and that he was rooting for Chameleon at the Golden Globes. Khalifa's hit song "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth from Furious 7 went diamond and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Globes in 2015. His ex-wife Amber Rose also applies for the gemstone clue, and of course, as a rapper, Khalifa has performed on numerous stages.

And finally, after his third performance, Chameleon revealed a plate of hot wings as his meaningful object clue on stage. Khalifa was a guest on Hot Ones, where he took on spicy wings, plus he has his own restaurant line that sells wings and other dishes.

We just wrote a whole essay convincing you that Chameleon is Khalifa, but his performances go a long way in making our case.

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