Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Campbell, Catherine O’Hara, and Keith David are all joining Netflix's The Last Kids on Earth season 2 as brand-new characters to this apocalyptic animated universe. But before we meet them, EW can exclusively reveal the first trailer.

Nick Wolfhard, brother of Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, returns to voice the main character, 13-year-old Jack Sullivan, who leads a group of suburban middle schoolers on adventures through a monster-covered, zombie-infested world that used to be their home.

Based on the kids book series by Max Brallier, who also executive produces the show, season 2 now sets these teens — including June Del Toro (Montse Hernandez), Quint (Garland Whitt), and Dirk Savage (Charles Demers) — on "the ultimate quest." A monster glimpsed at the end of season 1 officially arrives at Joe's Pizza to give these kids "a true bestiary," one that's "powerful enough to stop the coming danger."

It sounds like David is the one voicing this new monster, but official casting for the newcomers are still under wraps.

Scott Peterson showruns The Last Kids on Earth, which is produced by Atomic Cartoons. Season 1, a.k.a. Book 1, consisted of a single episode that ran just over an hour and premiered on Sep. 17, 2019. Season 2/Book 2 will now drop on Netflix this April 17 with 10 22-minute episodes.

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