You know who Sherlock Holmes is — but who are The Irregulars? Netflix's latest mystery series introduces a roster of young detectives who can't wait around for the legendary sleuth from 221B Baker Street to save the day. And while the dark, supernatural drama from creator Tom Bidwell is set within the familiar world of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, not even Holmes experts will recognize the main characters — because they're all completely new.

The Irregulars is based on three of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novels that feature a group of street kids known as the Baker Street Irregulars. These kids would sometimes be employed by the titular detective in his cases to get information he wouldn't normally be able to access due to his appearance, class, and reputation. In Netflix's adaptation, the Baker Street Irregulars have been completely reimagined from the young gang of boys from the books into a slightly older group of teenage girls and boys who find themselves at the center of a supernatural mystery threatening to destroy London.

So who are these new budding heroes? Here's everything you need to know about the characters before starting your binge.

The Irregulars
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The leader of the Irregulars is headstrong, fierce Bea (Thaddea Graham). She may be young, but she's been forced to take care of her younger sister ever since they were kids, and living on the streets meant she had to grow up fast. She'll do whatever it takes to keep her sister safe and their group of friends together — even if that means breaking the law to do it. And while she may seem hard on the outside, her tough exterior starts to crack thanks to a surprising romantic development in her life.


Jessie (Darci Shaw) is Bea's younger sister and loves Bea just as fiercely as Bea loves her. But that's where their similarities end. While Bea is independent and rough around the edges, Jessie is kind, sensitive... and prone to debilitating nightmares. The group always worries about Jessie's well-being, and that will only get worse as they discover her nightmares may have more to do with this new mystery than they initially thought.

The Irregulars
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The oldest (and biggest) of the Irregulars is Billy (Jojo Macari), who, like Bea, will do anything and everything to protect his chosen family. Prone to throwing punches over talking things through, Billy has a short fuse — but that's because he's lived a rough life. All of the Irregulars have grown up on the streets, but Billy's harboring more trauma the rest don't know about.


Spike (McKell David) may seem like the comic relief at first, but there's much more than meets the eye to this fast-talking charmer. He does provide a lot of levity but surprisingly also a lot of sense when the other teens need to hear it most.

The Irregulars
Credit: Matt Squire/Netflix


Leopold (Harrison Osterfield) definitely doesn't fit in with the Irregulars. For one, he only just meets them in the first episode whereas the rest of them have known each other their whole lives. And for another, he's not exactly living on the streets like them. But after a chance encounter with Bea, unexpected feelings blossom and prove that opposites really do attract. Add in a supernatural mystery, and this sheltered teen becomes the newest member of the Irregulars team. But will he be more of a liability than a help?

The Irregulars premieres March 26 on Netflix.

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