A little trip, some déjà vu, and a country in chaos — just another day at Reddick & Richard and Associates.
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You could say Diane (Christine Baranski) has seen it all. Between The Good Wife and the last 5 seasons of The Good Fight, well, there really isn't anything Diane hasn't gone through — from losing all her money in a Ponzi scheme run by her goddaughter's parents, to marrying a gun-toting conservative on the opposite end of every political fight she believes in, to even joining a secret progressive action group with dangerous implications, she is ready for almost anything. Except to do it all again.

The Good Fight season 6 trailer finds a demoralized Diane in a state of despair. "No matter what we do, we just end up back at the start," she says, as flashes of a country — and her personal life — in total chaos splash across the screen. Just like it was six years ago. 

For fans of the show, catching little throwbacks in the trailer like the birds flying into the windows is just part of the way the show throws a wink to celebrate the spin-off's origins… and its leading lady. "It's very much built to be a celebration of not just Christine's show, but also The Good Wife, too. That's why we want to pull out all the stops," co-creator Robert King told EW in an interview last month. Watch the trailer below.

Not only do we see Baranski finding her "optimism" in hallucinogens, but eyeing a boy toy… or two. Co-creator Michelle King says "we're dealing with an upcoming civil war in season 6 and it's more than just a metaphor. There is violence surrounding our law firm that our characters are experiencing."

We won't have to wait long before we find out just what is going on at Reddick & Richard and Associates. But, as Liz (Audra McDonald) tells Diane in the trailer, "can we have a drink or two before we have to face that?"

The Good Fight's final season premieres on Paramount+ Sept 18.

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