By Chancellor Agard
March 30, 2020 at 12:45 PM EDT

In these crazy and uncertain times, we need a television show that enthusiastically embraces and tackles the absurdity of the world. Enter: The Good Fight and its season 4 trailer, which dropped Monday and teases the absurd and wild season to come.

The last time we checked in with the CBS All Access drama, Christine Baranski's Diane Lockhart and her husband, Kurt, found themselves in a truly frightening situation: the Book Club — a.k.a. Diane and Liz's anti-Trump female rebellion group — swatted the couple in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Adrian, Liz, and the other characters were bracing themselves for the uncertain and potentially apocalyptic times ahead. We doubt they were quite prepared for what was coming down the pike though.

In the trailer, we see Diane and her partners adjusting to their new corporate overlord, STR Laurie,  a multi-national firm run by John Larroquette's Gavin Firth, while also dealing with a truly unbelievable change in the legal system: The rich and powerful are using a mysterious document called "Memo 618" to not comply with judicial rulings. What is this memo exactly? They don't know, but it's got Diane talking to a bird and cursing.

"I never used to swear so when I do that it has added meaning — and this is motherf—ing nuts," Diane says to newly appointed judge Julius Cain in the promo.

Here's a list of the other exciting and wild things featured in the teaser: Phone throwing (sorry, recurring guest star Hugh Dancy), dogs running through the firm, the return of The Good Wife's sardonic David Lee (Zach Grenier), Diane donning a leather catsuit, and Lucca playing in a high stakes poker game in some tropical location for reasons. Furthermore, you can also expect to see Michael J. Fox reprise his Good Wife role as the manipulative Louis Canning and guest appearances from Raúl Esparza (Hannibal) and Rachel Dratch.

All of that being said, the rollout of this season will also be different. The season's first two episodes will be released Thursday, April 9 and April 16, respectively. Then, the legal drama will go on a one-week hiatus and return on April 30 with additional episodes. This change is likely due to the fact that The Good Fight, like most of the industry, shut down production earlier this month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike most streaming shows, the legal drama shoots fairly close to when it's released because it allows creators Michelle and Robert King to deliver the most timely stories possible. Hopefully, production will resume soon and the back half of the season won't be delayed too much.

In the meantime, though, newcomers will be able watch the first three seasons for free with a month-long CBS All Access trial code "All."

Watch the trailer above.

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