"Hello, from The Good Fight family."

That's how Christine Baranski begins a recently released video message from the CBS All Access series. Spoken by anyone else, those six words wouldn't mean much, but Baranski's calming poise makes them sound rather comforting. And she's not kidding about the family part because from there, the rest of the legal drama's cast and crew introduce themselves — from the creators to the costume department and post-production team — before getting to the matter at hand: Explaining why there won't be a new episode of The Good Fight next week.

The Good Fight was nearing the end of production on its fourth season when it, along with the rest of Hollywood, had to shut down because of the global pandemic. Everyone was sent home to shelter in place. "Working from home has delayed many aspects of post-production and we need one week to catch-up," says cast member Nyambi Nyambi in the video. To illustrate how difficult it is to finish an episode of television from home, co-creator Robert King outlines what it takes to just complete the music for the series, which involves a long and international journey.

But the video isn't just an explanation of how television is made. In the same way that The Good Fight threw musical interludes into the middle of the action in season 3, the video ends with the cast and crew singing a sweet rendition of "You Are My Sunshine." Put another way, you get to hear star (and six time Tony Award winner) Audra McDonald sing, which will be the highlight of anyone's day.

Watch the video above.

The Good Fight returns with a new episode Thursday, April 30 on CBS All Access.

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