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January 10, 2021 at 03:27 PM EST
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The Good Doctor is changing perspectives in this Monday's winter premiere, which is completely centered on Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang).

Aptly titled "Lim," the ABC medical drama's forthcoming episode follows Lim on a particularly stressful day at work as she copes with — or doesn't — residual emotional trauma from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Good Doctor season 4 began with a two-part episode about the ongoing medical crisis before jumping ahead to an ideal future where things returned to normal; however, the show clearly hasn't forgotten about the pandemic.

"Even though COVID, in our fictional world, is completely over, we're sort of tipping our hat again," Christina Chang tells EW, "[and] just raising awareness of the PTSD and the position a lot of people who have witnessed the trauma and the death of what's been going the last 10 months may be in or find themselves in to come. It's sort of a nod to our doctors and our nurses again, and saying thank you."

For Lim, this episode is about discovering "that something traumatic is going on versus completely exploring it. It does get explored in a future episode," says Chang.

In the above exclusive clip, Lim comforts Asher (Noah Galvin), who is still shaken after losing a patient in the last episode, by opening about a loss she suffered. During the chaotic pandemic, she had to postpone a young mother's heart surgery because there wasn't time to treat non-COVID patients. Lim believed the woman would survive the wait, but she didn't and died.

"That's one of the [scenes] that stood out to me when I was reading [the script]," says Chang. She particularly loves how the scene captures that "it doesn't matter where you are in your trajectory of being a doctor, there is the pain of loss. It's a shared moment between somebody who is a seasoned surgeon and one who is just as the beginning of their career. They're both at the exact same spot in a way. They're seated side-by-side being human."

Chang continues: "That's one of the closest moments where we see Lim to being vulnerable in this evolution as a character and person. I enjoyed that because it was a nice quiet moment where two people were just sharing how hard it is. And even in this moment of her emotional state, she's still trying to help somebody, which I also liked because it's so characteristic of Lim to try to pull people up even when she's coming down."

While the above scene does show Lim's softer side, Chang previews that the chief of surgery starts losing her patience with some of the residents, in particular Shaun (Freddie Highmore), Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann), and Park's (Will Yun Lee), whose antics bring some humor to the heavy episode.

"She's probably equally miffed and bothered by everybody, including her patients, which is obviously so uncharacteristic of her. She generally is a straight shooter, but I think there's a difference between her directness normally and when she starts to spiral a little bit," says Chang. "The way she normally would respond to certain moments [with] Freddie's character or Morgan and Park — I don't want to give it away — would be very different. She normally might enjoy that, and she just doesn't have the capability of giving what's rolling around in her head. It was sort of hard to not respond in the way I would normally like to, which would be with a little more humor."

Even though this is a pretty heavy episode, Chang had a good time shooting it because she appears in every single scene. "It was a lot of work and it was a lot of fun. And it's flattering when you're told, 'This is gonna be Lim-centric and the title of the episode is 'Lim','" she says. "I felt honored, so I did the best that I could with what was written."

Watch the exclusive clip above.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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