Black Lightning star Cress Williams recently told EW The Flash has already reached out to him about guest-starring.
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The CW is staging multiple Arrowverse team-ups this fall.

On Tuesday, network chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz announced that season 8 of The Flash will begin with five special event episodes featuring heroes from across the Arrowverse — or the CW-verse, as he insisted on calling it.

"The idea for The Flash is [showrunner] Eric Wallace and [executive producer Greg Berlanti] have come together, and we're talking about other superheroes from the CW-verse that will come together in each individual episodes," Pedowitz told reporters during a press conference. "It will not quite be a crossover, but it will have a crossover-type feel with the introduction of all these characters."

Pedowitz didn't say which actors would visit The Flash in November. "I'll let you have those conversations with Eric Wallace," Pedowitz told EW on the call. "We do know that there are a couple feelers out to a couple of the actors, but we have no definitives yet."

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five
Caity Lotz, Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, and Cress Williams on 'Legends of Tomorrow'
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One of those feelers is likely regarding Black Lightning star Cress Williams, who just wrapped up his four-season run on the topical superhero show. In a recent interview with EW, Williams confirmed that The Flash has twice reached out to gauge his interest in guest-starring in season 8.

"[We're] just in the talks phase," said Williams, who just moved back to Los Angeles, making visiting Vancouver for a guest stint much easier logistically. "I really enjoyed the crossover last year. Specifically, I think me and Grant [Gustin], we're just very like-minded in how we approach the work, and we had really great conversations. One of my favorite scenes of doing this character was the scene between me and him in the library [on the Waverider in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."] So the thought of being able to go back and do an episode here or an episode there? Oh yeah, no, I'm down for that."

The CW had to scrap its annual Arrowverse crossover this year because the COVID-19 pandemic made it virtually impossible to write and schedule a multi-episode event spanning multiple shows and featuring multiple actors. Instead of the usual crossover fun, Arrow alum David Ramsey is guest-starring as John Diggle on several of the shows, including Batwoman, Superman & Lois, The Flash, and Supergirl.

Riverdale, like The Flash, will also begin its next season with five "event" episodes, which is a way for the network to launch both shows in the fall while also accommodating their delayed production start dates.

"They will have completed production [on their current seasons] by the end of June, early July. So there will be enough of a hiatus so they will come back sometime in early September so that they're fully rested," Pedowitz said. "Because they're coming in early September, there's no way we can get eight or nine episodes up and running. So we're thrilled to have these eventize programming that we're going to do with Flash and Riverdale for those five episodes that start in mid-November."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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