By Sydney Bucksbaum
May 08, 2020 at 06:38 PM EDT

Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) is finally suiting up as Mirror Master in The Flash season 6 finale.

Throughout the back half of season 6 — a.k.a. Graphic Novel No. 2 — Eva has been checking things off her to-do list to escape the mirror world in which she's been trapped for years. That involved trapping Iris (Candice Patton) with her and making mirror copies of her, Kamilla (Victoria Park), and Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) to do her bidding in the real world. And now that Eva's back in the real world (leaving Iris, Kamilla, and Singh behind), she's hellbent on getting revenge on her husband Joseph Carver (Eric Nenninger), who is the current CEO of McCulloch Technologies, member of Black Hole, and left her in the mirror world.

The Flash
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And when she does come face to face with her dear husband, she'll be in a supersuit fit for...well, definitely not a hero, but also maybe not a villain either. "You get to see her in the full Mirror Master suit, which has been so deeply thought out," Dor tells EW. "So much work and heart was put into that suit. Hopefully, it satisfies the fans seeing Eva finally coming into her full 'Mirror Mastress' look. They’re going to see a lot of beautifully shot action stuff with her in that suit. Eva is getting very strong."

The final scene in the most recent episode showed Eva coming out of some mysterious pod, vowing to go after her husband. And Dor reveals that the finale features "Eva's long-awaited plan finally coming into execution. She is definitely heading for some closure with her hubby."

Below, Dor tells EW what else fans can expect from the finale, if Eva really is a villain, and more.

The Flash
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you reveal about the moment in which we finally see Eva and Joseph come face to face?

EFRAT DOR: He's definitely not expecting her, which has given her more drive. It is a very nice surprise! I loved shooting it, it's so great. I've never really played a villain and I actually don't see her as a villain at all. In all the scenes, I would really feel her vulnerability and her agenda of making the world a better place and I never felt like she's evil. But when she goes after her husband, I could really connect to those emotions, and that was fun just being really, really angry.

Because of Eva and Joseph’s cold war, they’re both seen as villains from the perspective of Team Flash — but you don't consider Eva to be a villain?

She's just trying to correct things. She is deeply passionate about her work and about making the world a better place and using her technology and the things that she's built and gave her life for to help humankind. And she has just been betrayed in the worst way. It's not even about revenge, it's about stopping him from doing what he's doing with her legacy. He is her husband and he did know she was in the mirror for all those years and he left her there. I loved playing all those scenes across from him because I thought they were really yummy and luscious and full of deep layers. He's the one with all the power, but he's actually so scared of her because before she went into the mirror, she was the boss. It was her company and she's the smart one and she was the one that developed everything. He now has all the power but he's scared of her, which, you know, he should be. [Laughs] Every stage of her plan, she doesn't know if it's going to work or not. So every stage, she's getting less desperate and, well, stronger. The final piece where she finally leaves the mirror after all the little pieces that she had to put in motion and all those moving parts that had to work for her to do that, it's super rewarding. Hopefully, some viewers are on that journey with her, too, and are feeling like, "Yay! She should go do something about that." Hopefully, they can understand where she's coming from.

But what about what she’s done to Iris, Kamilla, and Tsingh?

She does see there is a greater cause and she doesn't want to hurt people. But something did not work according to the plan, or some things were kind of like sacrifices that needed to be made in order for her to execute her plan, which is for the people, for the greater cause, for the greater good. She does like Iris, she just hasn't seen people in so long, which to me, we can totally relate to right now. [Laughs] She likes her, but Iris is just so damn smart and she figures everything out, so it's been a sort of dance with Eva and Iris.

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Episode 19, "Success Is Assured," wasn’t intended to be the season finale but due to the global pandemic shutting down production early, it now is the season 6 finale. Does this episode work as a satisfying finale?

I think so because the moment Eva leaves the mirror, [showrunner] Eric [Wallace] just wrote crazy action-packed episodes with really shocking cliffhangers. And they're all one after another bombarding you like, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" So we got lucky that episode 19 is the first [of those episodes]; there are a lot of things that are happening in that episode. It is super action-packed, it has a lot of twists and surprises, and was beautifully shot. And you get to see her suit, which is another cool revelation. And you get to see Team Flash team up and there's just a lot of stuff going on. Hopefully, fans can enjoy it as the finale and we’ll just have to wait for season 7.

Have you had conversations with producers about what this means for you and the future of the show? Are we going to see you return in the beginning of next season to conclude the story that was intended to be in the next few episodes?

Well, I can say that this is not my last episode.

What do you hope to see for Eva in the future on The Flash past this finale?

I don’t really know what happens, but I wish she could get her happy ending. I wish she can really have her technology and she can be the good hero that she wants to be. I doubt it, but I hope that she gets her happy ending and her and Flash [Grant Gustin] walk happily into the sunset. [Laughs] I don't think that's going to happen though. Eva was that geek who was socially awkward and maybe didn’t have a lot of friends and has probably spent her entire life in a lab by herself, so I think she would really like to be friends with Team Flash. She likes Iris. It wasn’t written like this, but these were my choices to make it like she wishes they could all get that she’s just trying to do good and they’re on the same side.

I could definitely see how she thinks that, but I don’t think it’s going to work out that way for her.

Yeah, [laughs] probably not! But who knows, maybe she can get her happy ending? Maybe that’s the twist of season 7, she’s the new member of Team Flash!

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