The 8-episode unscripted series follows abandoned pups at an English dog adoption center as they meet with hopeful humans.

By Ruth Kinane
July 15, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT

Welcome to The Dog House, we've got fun and treats.

On Wednesday, HBO Max dropped the first trailer for their unscripted dog adoption series The Dog House: UK. The heartwarming show —which arrives on the streaming platform July 23 in its eight-episode entirety— documents the staff of Wood Green animal rescue center in rural England as they find forever homes for abandoned pups.

Each episode introduces a new heartbreaking story of a rejected dog just looking for a loving home, while also touching on relatable backstories of families, couples, and singletons all hoping their lives will be changed by a new furry friend. The center's dedicated are tasked with matching the right pet with potential new owner. They then set up an all-important first date that determines if the dog and human connect and are the right forever friend for one another. It's kinda like blind dating — but so much cuter.

The Dog House: UK arrives on HBO Max July 23. Watch the tear-inducing trailer above.

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