Well, that was swift.

The CW just swiftly put an end to the "Drew-niverse."

On Thursday, the network canceled the Nancy Drew spin-off Tom Swift after airing only five episodes of its first season, EW has confirmed. According to Deadline, which first reported this news, the decision was based purely on the low ratings and CBS Studios is planning to find another home for the series if there's interest.

Tom Swift
Tian Richards as Tom Swift
| Credit: The CW

Tom Swift premiered just a few weeks ago on May 31, following its debut as a backdoor pilot that aired as a season 2 episode of Nancy Drew. Based on the teen inventor from the 1910 book Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle, the TV series reimagined the character (played by Tian Richards) as a gay Black genius billionaire playboy, described as devilishly charming with unlimited resources and unimaginable wealth who many men would kill to be, or be with. But his entire world gets turned upside down when his father mysteriously disappears. As he seeks to discover the truth of what happened, Tom is thrust into a breathtaking adventure full of conspiracies and unexplained phenomena, fighting to stay one step ahead of an Illuminati-scale cabal hellbent on stopping him.

All throughout development, the series was celebrated for casting Richards as network TV's first gay Black lead, and for featuring a predominantly Black cast. Richards recently spoke to EW about how meaningful it was to debut the series during Pride Month and in the same month as Juneteenth.

"The show is so many different intersections and we get to talk about the queer experience, what it's like to actually exist and not just to be entering that space by way of coming out or coming to terms with ourselves," he said. "And for it to be Juneteenth this month and with just how much Black excellence is highlighted in the show, and that it shows us freely in all spaces and fully, I love that the most."

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