New episodes of the British royal family drama are now available to watch on Netflix.
The Crown
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Actor Josh O'Connor's Prince Charles is front and center of The Crown season 4 as the Netflix show tracks the ups and downs of his character's relationship with Emma Corrin's Princess Diana.

"At the start of the season, he’s a young man who’s very lost, a young man who’s desperate for affection, and particularly parental affection," says the actor. "Then, as we progress, we see he grows up into a man, and someone who is caught in a loveless marriage, essentially. I mean, it’s not loveless all the way through, but by the end there’s so much anguish and pain and loss and everything. You can expect a fair few twists and turns this season, that’s for sure."

But which of those dramatic pivots is the most memorable for O'Connor?

"There are two scenes, both are with Emma," he says. "There’s a scene in episode 6 where they’re on a sheep farm in Australia. It’s a very long scene, and it ends with Charles, for the first time, and possibly for the only time, actually saying that he loves Diana. I loved that scene because our biggest aim was to make people believe that they are in love and hopefully we achieved that with that scene. And then, in contrast, my other favorite scene to play was in episode 10, which is right at the end of their relationship, when he loses his mind, and kind of screams at her, and says, 'I refuse any longer to be blamed for this grotesque misalliance!' That felt like the end of their relationship, So, those two scenes were really really important."

Season 4 of The Crown costars Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, and Gillian Anderson, among others. The season is now available to watch on Netflix.

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