The Circle just threw everyone for a loop.

Courtney can't catch a break, but now he's about to have his chance to sway The Circle to his favor.

In the first four episodes of The Circle season 2, we've seen our eight players splinter off in two factions. It all started with a dispute between influencers Savannah and Terilisha on who to eliminate first. That ax fell on breathwork guru Bryant, but when Terilisha was tasked with telling everyone who got the boot, she added a little sinister cherry on top saying the decision wasn't what she wanted. This sent Savannah on the defensive, and we never looked back.

"She probably thought nothing of it," Courtney speculates to EW about Terilisha's thought process before sending the fateful message. "She thought it would shine a little bit of light on Savannah, but not in the gameplay way it came across to us."

Whatever her true intentions were, Savannah began to assemble a group of people who would have her back only to see the union crumble in front of her. Savannah was left in the bottom two in the next round of ratings, and betrayed by Chloe and "Emily." Although you could say there wasn't going to be an alliance there to begin with, since both girls were #GirlGang from the start.

In the end, Savannah was sent home. And Courtney, the only one left firmly on the Capitol Hill data researcher's side, got an opportunity to go into the Inner Circle. After seeing his only two alliances go home in consecutive episodes (Bryant had extended Courtney the "unbreakable loyalty that will last many lifetimes"), Courtney mastermind's a plot against The Circle ladies. See how it all goes down in the exclusive clip above.

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In the Inner Circle, Courtney assumes the role of the Joker, where he can message the two new players coming onto the show about what the hot goss is without revealing his identity. This twist is new to The Circle, and that includes any of the international seasons (U.K., Brazil, France). There's been eliminated players who've returned in the U.K. seasons, there's been celebrities who've assumed average joe's identities, but never an outright undercover agent.

"For me, it was about placing blame," Courtney says of his strategy. "I knew that I wanted to tear up some chaos amongst the girls, and I felt I could pretend to be one of them."

New players Khat and Mitchell (the brother of Ed and son of Tammy from U.S. season 1) are told that there's been talk of #WomenEmpowerment amongst the original group, but that the intentions behind the hashtag are paper thin. Then Courtney doubles down and says there's been "Lots of lying, lots of name-calling and I'm not too sure one of these girls is even who she says she is."

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The latter message could of course be referring to the Truth or Dare blow-up. During the episode 3 challenge, Terilisha was left to answer who the biggest game player is. Savannah's response to being thrown under the bus leaves everyone gasping for air. "She says one thing and then does another. She'll say anything to get you to like her but when she's an influencer she won't save you," she wrote about Terilisha. 

"As soon as I saw it start to kick off, I think the high schooler in me just got the best of me just to see the two queens go at it," Courtney says. 

Courtney adds that it was very likely both queens would eventually be eliminated no matter what, since they became the head of the snake when there was previously harmony within the group. "You can pinpoint and say, okay, well, this is a reason that they both can go because they both had argued instead staying prim and proper and being likable," he says. "As soon as someone comes out of that outline in The Circle, then it becomes a reason to potentially let you go."

The next batch of episodes hit Netflix tomorrow, followed by episodes 9 through 12 on April 28, and the finale on May 5.

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