"As Batman says, sometimes the world doesn't need another hero," [SPOILER] says about his plans to get revenge after being blindsided.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday's episode of The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies.

The male veterans on The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies saw rookie Kelechi "Kelz" Dyke as too big of a threat, so he had to go. And now he's got revenge on his mind.

The Too Hot to Handle alum and professional football player was sent packing in this week's episode, all because Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat wanted him out ASAP. The two competitors orchestrated a plan to have the entire veteran alliance vote Dyke and his partner, Tracy Candela, into elimination. Martinez even tried to lie about Dyke making "too many deals with too many people," and despite Dyke exposing that lie in the deliberation, he still couldn't escape his fate and ended up losing to fellow rookies Ed Eason and Emy Alupei.

"It was a tough one," Dyke tells EW. "Especially when you go in there with the mindset of an athlete, I take it to heart to win. So it was kind of crazy. It was definitely not something I'm used to."

Below, Dyke reveals who's on his hit list after he got played by the vets, how he feels about his former partner/cuddle buddy Tori Deal betraying him, and more.

The Challenge
'The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies'
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about how your elimination went down?

KELECHI "KELZ" DYKE: It's a learning curve. Before the show started I remember prepping and running and training, doing my math and my puzzles and all that stuff. I watched The Challenge beforehand, a couple of seasons, so I knew what was going to happen. Now leaving, it's just something I've got to take for next time, play the game a bit better, a bit differently. Going into it, being partners with Tori made sense and the rookies numbered the vets, so I thought maybe this season would be a change where the rookies actually bunched together. But I don't think most rookies were as clued up as much as I was. They were quite heavily relying on the vets, and the vets obviously used that as an opportunity to take the steering wheel. But I always knew going in that I'd have a massive target on my back.

The rookies had a rare opportunity to use their numbers to take out vets, and instead you're getting picked off one-by-one.

It's baptism through fire. You don't know who to trust. It really is Spies, Lies and Allies. The rookies didn't have a rapport like the vets did; they have relationships and a past. And it made sense they gathered together against us because this season's rookies were no joke. There were serious athletes, the vets were definitely scared about that. That fear is what clustered them together.

Did you know that Josh and Fessy were scheming to get you out so soon?

I expected it. I knew that was happening. To be honest, going in there I thought maybe the vendetta will be mainly me and Fessy. But I thought they'd keep me in there long enough because they'd want me to go one-on-one against Fessy, right? But then the tide changed in the beginning, and that's the reason I wanted to partner with Tori, but once TJ put in the rule that you can steal anyone and anyone could get thrown into elimination, there wasn't a safety net for me anymore. Corey took Tori and I got partnered up with Tracy. I could see the clouds were forming. I always knew I'd be like the main target, but I thought that I'd have more time. But I take it as a compliment! I mean, Fessy last season was like, "Put me against anyone, I need a challenge," and then I came and the day before deliberation he was trying to cut deals with me.

Instead of taking you head-on, he and Josh schemed to get you out.

[Sighs] And I thought I would get a Hall Brawl. Oh my God! I was praying in my head and I was practicing in my head the speech I'd give if I came back after that Hall Brawl. It wasn't meant to be. That first night after I got eliminated was quite tough, mentally. I couldn't believe it. You train so many months for it and you don't think you're going to get out so quickly. It was a shock to the system. But we adapt, we grow, we come back stronger and smarter.

What was going through your mind during that deliberation when Josh was trying to say you made deals with everyone? I was really impressed with how you stood your ground.

It was a rush. I don't know how to explain it. When we got into the deliberation room, most people, the main vets, Tori, were all avoiding eye contact with me. The minute Josh started speaking, it hit me. "Whoa, I guess this is happening." And the way things were going from the night before, with Fessy trying to cut a deal with me, Cory trying to cut a deal with me, and me rejecting both of the deals and saying, "Look, let's just see how things go," I thought that it might be a setup. And I'm happy I didn't take those deals because if I did, when Josh made his speech he would have had people come forward, but no one came forward to say I cut a deal with them. But it's not about what's the truth, it's about who can speak the loudest to change the narrative. Most people knew I didn't cut deals, but it's the fear of competition. "It makes sense now to take Kelz out." You'd think I'd come out bitter, but it was a smart play. Well done, well played. It educated me on the way people get taken out.

Were you surprised you were still the house vote even after you revealed Josh's lie?

Upset, yes. Disappointed, yes. Surprised? No. The guys wanted to take me out. It is what it is. But my heart sunk, I'm not going to lie. I thought maybe I'll make it, maybe I was convincing enough. I called Josh out and no one could stand against me. I thought I was safe because I thought they'd want me against Fessy or CT in a physical elimination and keep me around until then. But I didn't anticipate that I would then become the biggest threat in the house. So now I know.

The Challenge
'The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies'
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What was it like competing in that elimination with Tracy?

It was frustrating. I felt very helpless. I couldn't really do much. I was relying on my partner, and in team sports and football they always tell you, "Do your assignment and trust your teammates to do their assignment, and everything works out." My role was just pulling her in and swinging her back down again, and I was doing that like clockwork. It was amazing. First we were ahead. And then she kept dropping pieces. I've replayed that night multiple times in my head, even after I got home, and there's not much I could do because I wasn't attached to that machine where Tracy was to grab the pieces. Obviously on the sidelines watching, there's only so much you can do. If it was more physical, or a single elimination, or one where we have equal parts, equal roles, or worked closer together, it would have been different. There's a lot of what-ifs. And honestly, I was going to wreak so much havoc coming back. I'll tell you a secret: I was actually going to take Ashley [as my partner].

Now that would have been a powerhouse duo.

That made a lot of sense. She's very smart. She's got friends with Amanda and everyone. I was looking at it like an apprenticeship, partner with a vet, learn as much as I can.

Do you have anyone you're targeting for revenge if you come back in a future season?

Ohhh yes. So many. Definitely would have to be Josh and Fessy. Those are the main ones, but then I start to realize that there were some other people that had a hand in that play as well, so let's be honest, everyone's probably my enemy. And me and Josh could have been friends! He just ruined it. So maybe my main one is Josh. After last season I would have loved to put Fessy in his place in a Hall Brawl, but now I feel like I'd rather have Josh in a Hall Brawl. Aw, I would savor that moment. Josh is always talking about friendship and people being real to him but you know what? That's just his game.

You got very close with Tori during your time on this season, so what is your relationship with her now?

You know what, I'm going to be real with you. Nothing's really happened afterwards. I don't really know what to say just because of like rumors and things I've heard, but also more importantly how she was in the deliberation. I'm a very intuitive person and while Josh was talking, I was looking at her and it kind of felt like she knew what was going to happen and was struggling to make eye contact with me.

Yeah, the episode shows how she knew what was going to happen and was pretending to be shocked.

Yeah, and that hurt me! You asked me about vendettas, and I think Tori's definitely on it. Not in a spiteful way. But I wanted to partner up with her from the beginning and we got on so well and the chemistry was so well. I thought it was the perfect partnership to get to the final. And we had said that even if we get partnered up with different people, we'd still have each other's backs. So I felt alone in that deliberation. I'm very old-school; if I have a teammate, I'm all about loyalty. You can't be friends with everyone, but you keep it real with your day-ones. This is my first time here, there's no bad blood, so let's not create bad blood. I was waiting for a situation for her to show her loyalty. But it's a cold world!

You came in this season with no bad blood and now it sounds like you've got quite a few enemies.

Yeah! Now it's a hit list. [Laughs] I want to get everyone back in different ways. As Batman says, sometimes the world doesn't need another hero. Have you watched Training Day?


People look at Denzel Washington as the villain. But he's not really the villain. He was the type of police officer that that area needed, everyone was corrupt. He didn't start off like that — he was a good cop, but that guy that Denzel killed was corrupt and that changed him. It's like Frankenstein's monster, nature vs. nurture.

Your nature was loyal and honest and now they've nurtured you into their worst nightmare.

Exactly! [Laughs] Watch this face, we'll come back.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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